Love:The Painfullest Thing Of All

Remember that girl that use to sit in the back of the classroom? That girl who never got picked to be anybody's partner? We all remember her don't we?Theres always one of those "Girls".. In this story that girl is Christina Refer. When she finally finds true love she is the happiest girl alive! But when one day everything turns around. She needs to make things better. and prove she has changed..before its to late.


2. How it all went down.

                          CHRISTINA P.O.V ( point of view )


I was walking home from school, which took a long time. Today hadn't been that bad, for some reason Alexis and Ashley weren't being mean to me. So in all today wasn't all that bad.  

I looked around ..everything looked so..white and perfect.. Maybe because it was snowing nothing had been cleaned yet..No one had been stepping on the snow on house's front lawns, it looked like a white blanket has covered up everything.

As I was walking on the sidewalk I noticed a boy leaning on a pole with a bus sign on it. He kept on looking at me. He looked familiar..Oh yeah he took 5th period science with me last year.

I wasn't noticing that I was walking towards him. I bumped into him hard and droped all my books and almost feel over "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry , I'm such a klutz " I told him " Its alright love" He said in a soft kind voice

We bent over and picked up all the books we reached for the last book at the same time, causing us to touch I looked up at  him, something about his piercing blue eyes made me wonder why he was being so kind. "Thanks" I whispered, I let go of the book and he took it and handed it to me. "I'm sorry for what I did" I said "Its alright" He explained with a smile. "Well bye.." I said.

I speedily walked away Because I knew that if I came home to late my parents would ask what I was doing. "Wait!" He yelled ...I stood in place like I was asked to. He walked towards me.. and offered me to shake his hand. "Hi i'm Logan" "Nice to meet you logan i'm Christina" I smiled. He was so cute." I know this is so sudden..But" I raised my eyebrows and waited for him to continue his sentence "But do you mind giving me your phone number" ... "Sure" I told him .. Surprised to hear myself reply Yes to a stranger asking for my phone number. 

He took out a piece of paper. "Its 555-795-962" I told him slowly " I'm sorry I have to get home now, Call me if you'd like" I told him with a smile "Sure will" he replied confidently. He winked at me ..and I started to walk again.             

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