Love:The Painfullest Thing Of All

Remember that girl that use to sit in the back of the classroom? That girl who never got picked to be anybody's partner? We all remember her don't we?Theres always one of those "Girls".. In this story that girl is Christina Refer. When she finally finds true love she is the happiest girl alive! But when one day everything turns around. She needs to make things better. and prove she has changed..before its to late.


3. Back home

When I opened the door to my house I breathed in the warm smell of soup. "Hey mom i'm home!" I yelled "In the kitchen hun!" she replied..I walked to the kitchen and kissed her cheek. After that I plopped down on a chair and thoughts about Logan .. "Mom?" I asked "Yeah?" She replied "So I met a boy today" I told her smiling "Ooh Lala" She giggled. It's weird how me and mom have this .. connection she's more than my sister than my mother. Not most 17 year olds like hanging around with there mom.. 

"Were did you meet him?" She asked curiously.. Uh-Oh what would she think? "I met him ..Er..on the um..way home" Is what I heard come out of my mouth. I shut my eyes tight waiting for her response "That's cool.. whats his name?" She asked. Wow I thought ... I have a cool ass mom "His name is Logan.. he's really cute! He has blue eyes and really dark hair" I told my sister excitedly "Did you give him your number? You keep in touch" She asked ..She read my mind I thought "Yeah.." My mom just got major points for that.. Who else's mom would agree on giving a hot guy your number on the street!

"In fact i'm waiting for his call this very moment" I said with a grin .. My phone buzzed "Hhmmm who could that be?" She asked sarcastically. "Oh mom" I laughed.. Who else could it be?! No other than Logan! I hugged my mom as I answered  the phone "Hello?" I asked.. "Hi its Logan" he asked.. "You know Logan.. thanks for helping me know on the sidewalk" I Said in appreciation " It's okay..You were so beautiful how couldn't I?!" He asked .. I never knew you could even blush through the learn something new everyday..

"Aww thanks" I told Logan.."Your so sweet".. I told him "Thanks..would you go hang out tomorrow?" He asked... my heart skipped a beat and I drop't the phone.. luckily it landed on my lap and I quickly Swooped it up.. "Sure!" I said very excitedly ..sounding a little to exited.. "I mean.. sure" I said again in a calmer voice.. He cracked up at that "Is 4:00 good?" He asked "Perfect!" I said.. "Well I have to go.." He said in an upset voice "Bye I said" He hung up... 

I was walking to my room day dreaming about our wedding.. until I hit the door of my room face froward and fell to the floor... "Thanks I needed that" I mumbled to myself.. I opened the door and sat on my bed and wrote down cute kid names for when me and logan have kids.. "Woah there" I said to myself.. Kids?! I thought "Seriously Christina!?" Still thinking.. I knew I was falling hard.. even if I had just met him.

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