Fugitives (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Hi, I'm Emily Sparks.

I may look like your average every-day teenage girl.

My my world turns upside-down when something very unexpected happens and I meet One Direction, a band with five british heart-throbs who just happen to take me under their wing.

But what they don't know is that...

1) I'm in love with one of the band members.

2) I'm a fugitive.


4. Third Chapter

Elizabeth's POV


"Ooh! I love it when you speak mysteriously!" said Emily. I smiled and kept talking.


"I was thinking that we could try and steal Harry from Violet." And her reaction was the exact opposite of what I expected: she started laughing! 


I started asking "What's wron-" when she suddenly interrupted me.


"Are you kidding me? Have you SEEN Violet? She's what every average man dreams of having!" Violet said inbetween her laughs.


"It's true!" Niall said from across the room. I threw a pillow at him and he snickered.


"Anyways, you have to do this, Emily!" She stop laughing and looked at me. Was I being too serious with her?


"Look here, Liz. I'm just an average girl. And Violet- well, she's model worthy! Sure, I don't like her. But she makes Harry happy, and if I took that away from him, well I just wouldn't be able to live knowing that it was me who made him sad." Harold was really lucky to have this girl liking him, she was special. So I nodded a bit and I looked down. Silence took over the room, the only noise was the crunching of Niall's chips. I went to the bathroom and Emily walked over to the window and I guessed she was looking at Harry. After a few seconds, she broke the silence.


"Hey guys, do you know where Violet and Louis are?" I heard her say. 


I looked down to the toilet and it was flooded. Oh, great. 


"I'm gonna go ask if one of the other bathrooms are working, be right back." And with that, I headed out the door. Okay, so we were on the last floor and on the apartment was number 2006. The boys stayed in one room and girls in the other. I remember Liam saying something about the boys' room being number 1909.


So I head to the elevator and I pressed the button labeled "19". About three seconds later, the elevator door opened to reveal a hallway identical to our floor's hallway except with different portraits on the walls and different numbers on the doors. I went all the way down the hallway until I finally got to the last room which was numbered 1909. I was about to knock when I suddenly heard people talking. I leaned in closer and I started to pay attention to what they were saying.


"Come here." It was a woman's voice, it sounded sly and trying to be sexy.


"I have a girlfriend, and I love her." Said a masculine voice that was still a tad bit squeaky.


After that, they started whispering and I wasn't able to hear what they were saying, so I opened the door slightly. And it was no other than Violet kissing someone. I guessed it was Harry, but when I looked closer, I noticed it was... Louis?! Wait. Violet and Louis were kissing?! What the hell?! Louis at first didn't like it, but then he went along. It was first subtle, but then it started getting rougher and the last thing I saw before running away was Violet pushing Louis on the bed and trying to take his clothes off. 


That bitch is going down.


Author's Notes:


Oooh! So know you know that Liz is fierce! Yeah buddy! Sorry for the short chapter, but I'm really busy today and I had rarely any time to do this! :( But I will pay up and make the next chapter extra-long! And guys, I really hate asking for favourites, but I need at least eight before I post the next chapter, so get to it! I won't be posting until I have those favourites, sorry. Please review/comment and tell me what you think!

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