Fugitives (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Hi, I'm Emily Sparks.

I may look like your average every-day teenage girl.

My my world turns upside-down when something very unexpected happens and I meet One Direction, a band with five british heart-throbs who just happen to take me under their wing.

But what they don't know is that...

1) I'm in love with one of the band members.

2) I'm a fugitive.


3. Second Chapter - Meeting Violet

"Y- you guys are in a band?" I stuttered, surprised.


"Hahaha, yes!" Zayn laughed.


"Oh, cool! I've always wanted to be part of a band." I smiled.


"You took that rather calmly." Harry said with his slow, beautiful voice.


"I did, didn't I? I guess I just think of you guys as normal people, like me." Well, that was the truth. Celebrities are just normal people who got famous for their talents.


"That's good!" Harry smiled, putting his arm around me.


And that instant, someone barged in the door.


"HARRY!" Harry let go of me, flinching at the voice.


"Yes, my love?" He called back.


High heels were rushing in furiously.


"Have you heard?! There's a FUGITIVE running around!" Wait, was she talking about me?!


"She set a whole house on fire and now she's in our hotel!" Yep, definitely me,


"I know, love. But I promise she won't get to you. I'll be here the whole time, right by your side." Harry said, although he couldn't be more wrong.


"Harry aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?" I said, shooting him a smile.


"Oh, of course. Emily, this is Violet. Violet, this is Emily." And Violet shot me a glare, she seemed to be burning into my soul, finding out all my secrets, so I just glared back. Violet had long blonde hair that went almost to her waist,  piercing blue eyes, and she was a little shorter than Harry.


"Nice to meet you, Emily!" She shot me a very false smile, but still seemed to be glaring at me with her eyes.


"Same to you, Violet. I bet we'll be great friends!" I slightly snarled.


"I bet we will." She snarled back. I don't like this girl.


"Harry, why don't we go to the pool?" She said, turning to him.


"Sure. You guys want to come with us?" Harry interrogated, referring to everyone in the room.


"Um, no thank you. You guys can go, but I'll stay here." I smiled. I couldn't because I was certain that someone would recognise me. 


"I wanna stay here and finish my chips." Said Niall, with his mouth full.


"If you won't go, neither will I." Said Elizabeth, Niall's friend.


I smiled at them.


"Come on, Harry. Let's go." Violet snickered at me and pulled Harry's hand, and they left.


"Thank you for staying with me." I smiled at Niall and Elizabeth.


"Haha, no problem! I don't feel like going to the pool anyways." Elizabeth said. She was so pretty, with red curly hair, hazel eyes and a few freckles. 


I smiled, "Can I call you Liz?"


"Of course!" she was so kind, I knew we were going to be friends.


"So, Emily. How did you end up in the same hotel as One Direction?" Niall looked up from his chips and asked me.


"Well, me and my mom always came here when I was smaller and..." I trailed off, I don't think Niall wants to know about my life story.


Niall raised an eyebrow but didn't ask anything else. I went to the window, they had an amazing view from their hotel room. There was the pool down at the first floor, I could see it from here and I could see everyone too. Zayn, Harry, Allison and Violet were on the poolside and Louis, Liam, Rhiannon, and Jessica were playing inside the pool. And then, I could see Violet looking at me. Elizabeth came to my side to see what I was looking at and at the same instant, Violet turned to Harry and whispered something in his ear. He smiled and whispered something back and then he leaned closer to her and puckered up. I couldn't look so I turned away.


"You don't like Violet do you?" said Elizabeth.


"Yeah, I don't like her at all." I said shaking my head.


She smiled evilly at me. "Don't worry. I've got a plan."

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