Fugitives (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Hi, I'm Emily Sparks.

I may look like your average every-day teenage girl.

My my world turns upside-down when something very unexpected happens and I meet One Direction, a band with five british heart-throbs who just happen to take me under their wing.

But what they don't know is that...

1) I'm in love with one of the band members.

2) I'm a fugitive.


5. Fourth Chapter

Emily's POV


I was looking out the window, I had to admit: This hotel was luxurious. It had everything! From a salad bar to and indoor pool, this was awesome. But of course, me and my mom didn't have this experience when we were here because there were two different buildings. One that was smaller (where I used to stay at) and a bigger one that had more details (Harry and Co.'s building). I was taking in the beauty when I noticed that Violet and Louis were gone. "Hey guys, do you know where Violet and Louis are?" I asked to Elizabeth and Niall. Elizabeth was in the bathroom and Niall, well Niall was eating his chips, so I didn't get an answer.


"I'm gonna go ask if one of the other bathrooms are working, be right back." Elizabeth stated and then walked out the door.


I went over to the spot where Niall was sitting and I plopped myself down.


"Hey Ni-ni. How about some Black Ops?" I said while staring at the XBox. I used to play shooting games all the time when my dad lived with us, especially Black Ops. Niall seemed stunned at my question.


"D-did I say something wrong?"


He smiled and then answered, "Haha, no. I'm just not used to girls wanting to play Black Ops."


"Oh so, you think that girls can't play Black Ops, huh? We'll see about that." I said playfully.


He raised his eyebrow. "Is that a challenge, Miss Emily?"


"I dunno, is it?" I smiled at him.


He just smiled back and handed me a controller. After a few minutes of playing, I had kicked his ass at Black Ops.


"I thought you were supposed to be good at this." I snickered and looked over at him. He pouted and started crying falsely.


"Aww, does the ickle bwaby want to cwy?" I said teasing him. He opened his mouth to answer, but Elizabeth barged in.


"OH EM GEEEEE." Her face was filled with shock and rage at the same time.


"What happened, Liz?" I asked, curious.


"I saw- I saw- Louis and and Violet and - kisses and - betraying!" Huh?


"Calm down and speak like person." Niall said. I conforted Liz while Niall said nice things to her, trying to calm her down. She seemed to be calm down a bit and then took a deep breath and looked at me with pity.


"I saw Louis and Violet kissing." Wait, what?!




Niall's POV 


What the fuck?!


"You're kidding, right?!" I said, in shock.


"I wish I was." Elizabeth looked at her feet. Not good. Poor Jessica and Harry. I looked over to Emily to see how she took this and she was taking it really badly, she looked like she was going to explode! I hugged her. She may be a tough gamer, but she wasn't a tough lover.


"This is all my fault! If only I hadn't come here, then maybe Violet wouldn't be kissing Louis!" Emily screamed. I looked over to Elizabeth and she was shaking her head right and left in disapproval. 


"Emily, this isn't your fault, It's Harry's fault for picking such a bad partner." I nodded. Emily looked like she was going to throw a fit. But then, she closed her eyes and passed out in my arms.




Louis' POV ~ 5 minutes before the kiss


Jessica and I were playing in the pool beside the pool, I was trying to push her in. She was giggling wildly and that made me smile. Damn, she was so beautiful. I'm so lucky to have her to myself. I grabbed her by the shoulders and whispered in her ear:


"I love you. So much."


Her blue eyes stared into mine and my world seemed to be shaking. She didn't respond, she looked a shocked and confused and a tad bit worried. You know when you study loads on a test but you turn out to fail? That's the expression that she had on her face. Suddenly, I could feel a pair of eyes following our conversation, I think they were Violet's eyes. I looked back at Jessica, I need a reply. I can't imagine my world without her in it, so I finally said something.


"You don't love me." I managed to finally say, it sounded more like a question than a statement.


"N-no, that's not it, I'm j-just -" She stumbled upon her words, trying to complete the sentence.


"There's no excuses." And with that, I turned around, heading back to the hotel room. I was raging inside as I pressed the button labelled "19", which was my floor number. I can't believe Jessica doesn't love me! Sure, we've only been dating for three months, but I love her with all of my heart and it crushed me inside to feel that she didn't feel the same way. So I decided that I want to get back at Jessica. Make something happen so that she could feel the pain that I feel burning in my chest right now. But in the mean while, I just need time to think. To clear up my mind a bit and decide what would be appropriate to do. I walked down the hallway and up to number 1909. I unlocked the door and put on some television. Reven8e (or "Revenge", whichever tickles your fancy) was on. Maybe I could get some ideas rolling. But I would never kill anyone, I knew that at least. There was  knock on the door, so I got up and opened the door.


* ATTENTION: The next scene is for audiences older than 13, so if you are under-age, I am sorry to say that you cannot read this! You have been warned. *


"Oh hi, Violet." I said.


"Hey Louis." She said somewhat seductively.


"I saw what happened down by the pool and I think I know what would be a good comeback to her." I suddenly got interested while she walked in, closed the door, turned off the telly and sat on the bed. I sat next to her and I noticed she was in a bikini. 


"Go on, I'm listening." 


"Well, since that Emily girl got here, Harry has been ignorant towards me-"  I found it really hard to concentrate on what she was saying, and I started to trail around her body. I had to admit, her body was as great as Jessica's, maybe even a tad bit better... And I caught myself getting a boner.


Violet's POV


"And so I think we should-" I trailed off, noticing he had a boner. Oh damn, this was going to be easy.


"Come here." I said, with my voice sounding very sexy.


"I have a girlfriend, and I love her." He replied to me. I sat up and I sat on his lap, conscious that I had only my bikini on.


"What's this, then? I whispered in his ear as I palmed the tent in his pants.


"It's for you, babe."He whispered back. I started kissing him and he kissed me back. I slightly opened my mouth, allowing his tongue to enter my mouth. We then fought for dominance, our tongues doing a dance when I pushed him on the bed and took his shirt off. I bit his lower lip and I glided down his body, giving him kisses all over until I got to his pants where I palmed it even more. He moaned, and I slid away his swimwear. I marvelled a bit at his length, he was almost as big as Harry.


Then, I massaged his right ball as my tongue slid on the undershaft, soon sliding to his heads. Louis took off my clothes and stuck started teasing me with his fingers. I licked the pre-cum. I blew cold air on the head and he moaned louder now, his hand pushing my head. I gagged a bit but then I started to go back and forth, first slowly but then faster. Louis slipped into a position where his head was under my hole and his erection was in my mouth. He licked all of the pre-cum from me.


"You taste delicious, Violet." He then started to eat me out and I continued with his BJ. He stuck his tongue inside me and I moaned, sending vibrations to him. I started to become tighter and tighter by the second and Louis was shaking, so I went up and down faster and harder and he stuck his tongue in and out faster and before we knew it we both exploded into each other's mouth. I screamed and he moaned, swallowing my liquids as I licked the white liquid off his length. We both smiled, and I finally said:


"We should definitely do this again sometime."




Author's Notes


Okay, there's your slice of Loulet! (My wierd couple name for Violet and Louis.) I did not write half of this chapter, my older sister did. I asked her to do it because I'm only 14 and I should not have to write a sex scene! Beyond that, you guys are probably asking yourself why Violet decided to do this to poor Harry. Well, that will be revealed soon! So keep on reading, lovelies! -Tess

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