Fugitives (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Hi, I'm Emily Sparks.

I may look like your average every-day teenage girl.

My my world turns upside-down when something very unexpected happens and I meet One Direction, a band with five british heart-throbs who just happen to take me under their wing.

But what they don't know is that...

1) I'm in love with one of the band members.

2) I'm a fugitive.


1. Introduction

Please read the description before reading this.


Okay guys, this is my very first Movella, and I got the idea of this by watching a movie.  


Yes, this is about One Direction, so if you don't like them, go away because you certainly won't like this.


Before I start writing, I reaaaally need some characters for this. 


Obviously, the main character is a girl named Emily Sparks. But the problem is that I don't have enough characters! And I thought it would be cool to maybe give you guys the chance of being in my movella.


So what you have to do is here:


- Send in a review saying your real name (you may make up a fake last name if you'd like), your personality, and your appearance.


- Choose a role (the roles are written below this)


- Make sure it's before Monday, January 7 of 2013. (This date may change depending on how fast [or how slow] you guys send in reviews!


And I will pick out randomly!


So here are the available characters:


- Harry's Girlfriend (she will be Emily's enemy, so heads-up!)


- Niall's Bestfriend (she will be Emily's bestfriend in this Movella)


- Liam's Girlfriend 


- Zayn's Girlfriend


- Louis' Girlfriend


Okay so there it is! Start reviewing babes! 


xoxo, Tess :)


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