A chance

Darcy only had one boyfriend in her life but he was mean, and he treated her bad. Since then she never had a boyfriend and she doesn't want one but when her best friend take her to London to spend the summer and take her to a one direction concert , one of the boys fall for her.Will she give him a chance or will she will run away from his love because she is afraid of getting in a relationship ? read to find out :)


9. what just happened??


Chapter 9:

Harry’s pov:

So we finally decided to go and eat in nandos.we got into my car and I drove us to the restaurant  .In the car niall and darcy were getting to know each other and they seemed to really get along.but I wasn’t chatting with them . I was thinking , last week I was totally in love with taylor and I thought she was the one,but now I don’t know ,all I could think about day and night is darcy .the way she get me so much,the way that she laughs at my jokes even if they were stupid.the way she smiles and my whole world lights up.the way that I would die if one day passes and  I don’t see her and see her beautiful eyes. I just can’t live without her and I need her to be mine .so I decided to tell her about my feelings tonight when I drive her back to her hotel .mean while we finally arrived at nandos.we got out of the car and we went inside. Me and niall were wearing hoodies so no one could notice us ,we sat on a table next to the window and then a waiter came and ask for our orders . so we ordered and then the waiter left to bring our food. We talked a lot, about everything ,fame ,childhood,family and love but everytime we talked about love darcy’s face go white , I knew she was hiding something but I didn’t ask her ,maybe she didn’t want us to know . the food finally arrived so we ate ,me and darcy laughed so hard at the way niall was eating but what can we say ? niall will always be niall . we finished and paid then we went back to the car .i was nervous , I wanted to tell darcy but I was so afraid . I drove niall back first so I could talk to darcy alone.we finally arrived to her hotel she  got off but before she could enter the hotel, I grabbed her hand and turned her to my direction.

“what’s wrong harry?”she said with her angelic voice

“I... I need to tell you something…’

“what is it ?”

‘since the day I met you all I could feel around you is butterflies in my stomach . I  love you darcy and I can’t live without you . I need you to be my girlfriend”I said then  I pulled her close  and   crashed my lips into hers  but she didn’t kiss me back and she pushed me  then she whispered “sorry” and left without even letting me say another word. What just happened? I was DEVASTED…

Hey : ) sorry it’s not a long chapter but I am very busy with all the school work and exams  . hope you like it . I’ll try to update a new one soon when I am not that  busy . and I would really like to know what do you think of the story so far ,so it would be amazayn if you could comment .thank you for reading it .bye <3

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