A chance

Darcy only had one boyfriend in her life but he was mean, and he treated her bad. Since then she never had a boyfriend and she doesn't want one but when her best friend take her to London to spend the summer and take her to a one direction concert , one of the boys fall for her.Will she give him a chance or will she will run away from his love because she is afraid of getting in a relationship ? read to find out :)


3. london here i come


darcy's pov:

I was running through  the streets to my house . this is it I was full I hated it  here  it’s all full of hate and pain .i decided I was definetly  going to london this summer  cz I can’t spend one more day here .i finally arrived home .my mom was in the kitchen making  lunch . I ran upstairs to my room .me and julie are going to london tomorrow .so I took my big pink suitcase and started to pack every thing I needed  to survive in London  so I put my ipod and my cell phone my make ups some money that I ‘ve been saving from a while and of course my clothes I finished packing and went down stairs my mom was washing the dishes . I remembered I hadn’t tell my mum about London so I decided it was a good time to tell her  , I was afraid that she wouldn’t accept but finally I took courage  and asked her:

“mum … you know Julie right … ?”

“yeah of course I do honey “

“gd  gd …. Umm you know we’re 18 and we are able to take care about ourselves and travel … ?”

“mmm sort of . what’s wrong honey ?”


“will you please get to the point darling I don’t have the whole day !”

“ok ok well julie’s parents gave her two tickets to London since she passed her exams and she want to take me with her and I decided it could be really fun so what do you think ?”

“ I thought you wanted to spend the summer  with us like every summer you know go to the beach and stuff like that “

“but mum we do the same things  every summer please !”

“well I don’t know if you could handle things on your own “

“mum ! I’m 18 I’m not a baby anymore … so what do you say ?”

“well I guess you can go but you need to talk to your father too “

“yey mum !! thank you thank you thank you .. oh can you talk to dad ? you’re the only one that could convince him “

“sure I will “

“ k thx … oh mum did I mention that we were going tomorrow?”

“what ? no you didn’t ! how are you gonna have time to pack and to ..”

I cut her “ don’t worry mum I already had every thing done “

*the next day*

~Pip pip pip ~

I woke up the next  morning and slapped my alarm so it fell on the floor and  broke . uh I don’t care I was so excited, today I was going to London yey  I got up from bed and got into the shower for a really cold bath . when I was done I put on my favourite skinny jeans with a white polo and a converse . I put make ups but not too much and let my curls fall on my shoulder .i looked at my reflection on the mirror I guess I looked good . I took my suitcase and went to say goodbye to my parents.it was 10:10 am and Julie was coming to pick me up to the airport at 10:30 so I had like few minutes to say good bye to my parents .my mom was in the kitchen drinking coffee and my dad was in the living room watching tv. I went to the kitchen first .

“hey mom “

“hey darcy how are you doing ?”

“I’m fine pretty excited “

“oh yeah you are going to London today ? has Julie arrived ?”

“no she’ll be here soon”

“oh well I  will miss you take care honey “ she said while kissing my forehead  "

“I will bye mom love you  "

"love you too"

Okay so  now it’s time to say good bye to my dad.that should be hard cause me and my dad have a strong relationship . I’m his little girl .my dad is so protective specially when it comes to me that was also the reason I didn’t tell him about  jill my dad would kill him or I don’t know what he would do if he knew . at first my dad didn’t agreed  about the whole London thing but then my mom talked to him and he finally agreed . I took a deep breath and sat next to him on the couch

“hey dad .u know Julie is coming soon and I’ll be going to London so I just wanted to tell you good bye .and  to tell you to not worry about me and that  I’ll be fine “

“I think I’ll just have to accept the fact that my little girl has grown up “

“don’t worry just because I’m going to spend the summer in London doesn’t mean I’m not your little girl anymore”

“well take care and remember if anything happened or if any boy …”

“don’t worry dad I’ll be fine and If anything happened I’ll call you right up”

“good now go and have fun love you”

“bye dad loveyou too”

He hugged me tight and by the time he let go the door bell rang I opened the door and Julie was standing right in front of her car she looked more excited than me . she helped carry my stuff to the car then  we got into the car and I waved a last  good bye to my parents .then  we drove to the airport. London here I come .

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