A chance

Darcy only had one boyfriend in her life but he was mean, and he treated her bad. Since then she never had a boyfriend and she doesn't want one but when her best friend take her to London to spend the summer and take her to a one direction concert , one of the boys fall for her.Will she give him a chance or will she will run away from his love because she is afraid of getting in a relationship ? read to find out :)


7. i need to talk to you


chapter 7:

darcy's pov:

“but harry you don’t understand , I can’t do this “

“but why ?? i love you and all I want is to be with you why don’t you want this ?? don’t you love me?”

 “harry , it’s not that I don’t love you , it’s just ….”

“WHAT?? Why don’t you wanna be with me ?? why are you afraid ?”harry said with tears streaming down his face

“I ,I …”

“darcy , darcy wake up” Julie said while shaking me to wake up . so that was all a dream . mmm I felt a little bit dessepointed but also relieved.i woke up and saw Julie freaking out .it was like she was about to scream

“what ?? what’s wrong ??”I asked

“can you please explain me why is he in our kitchen”

“what ? who?” I said while yawning and stretching my arms

“don’t act like you don’t know”

“I swear I don’t know what you are talking about “ I said confused.what is Julie talking about?

“harry STYLES , harry styles is in our kitchen !!!!! he want to talk to you . can I know how does he know you ?”

“who?? I don’t know such a guy called harry styles”

“well he said you guys met each other last night and..”

“oh yeah now I remembered . I met some guy called harry . but why are you so freaking out ?? “

“because he is NOT some guy . he is harry styles from the biggest  boy band in the whole WIDE world one direction”

“what ?? “

“don’t tell me you didn’t know”

“I swear I didn’t ,I can’t believe he actually did not tell me and I feel bad because he is in the boy band I hate “

“guess you don’t hate them  now ,do you ?”

“well… I dunno …”

“ok no time for that , harry is in the kitchen and he said he needed to talk to you, and he has been waiting for too long so you better go and see him”

“ok ,ok I’ll go but first how do I look?”

“you look horrible”


“haha you know I’m kidding now go “

I opened the door of our little kitchen and julie followed me , harry was sitting on the chair looking out of the window.i felt so weird wearing a pj’s but who cares?

“hello harry”

“oh good morning darcy , sorry I woke you up”

“oh no that’s okay “

“it’s just I really need to talk to you”

“sure,what’s up?”

He was about to talk but then he realized that Julie was standing at the door and he looked at her.she was very silent.i am sure she is fangirling inside .

“oh sorry ,I didn’t  introduce you .julie harry harry Julie”

harry pulled out his hand and so did Julie ,they shooked hands and then let go fast.

“mmm mind if I talk to you alone?”said harry while looking at Julie.again.

“mm sure how about we go for a walk?”

“great idea”

“okay ,but let me get dressed first”

I went to my room .i was a little sorry for leaving harry alone with Julie. She will probably annoy him with questions and pictures, oh well. I changed into a purple leggings, a pink t-shirt and a matching converse. Then I put my hair in a ponytail and  put them on the right shoulder.then I put on a little make-up and I was finally ready . I went back to the kitchen to find Julie and harry the way I left them .julie was still standing at the door .and harry was still sitting on the chair .ACKWARD .

“I’m ready if you want we can go for a walk”

“great then let’s go , by the way you look lovely”

“thank you “ I blushed  again,every time I’m next to harry I can’t help but blush,I don’t know why.

We walked out of our hotel room but before I left Julie grabbed my hand .she took me aside and whispered in my ears  “you need to tell me EVERYTHING when you come back okay ?”

“okay ,now plz I need to go bye”

I went back to harry and we walked out of the building .we walked in silence ,I didn’t want to say anything, I was waiting for him to start the conversation but he didn’t .we were walking in silence. And I didn’t know anything about London so I didn’t know where we were going.

“harry where are we going?”

“you’ll see, be patient”

“okay “

We walked few metres then harry stopped so I stopped too.

“you need to close your eyes”told me  harry

“really ?is that necessarily ?”


“fine “I groaned and closed my eyes. I can hear him chuckling .he held my hand and we walked few metres  and then we stopped again.

“can I open now?”


I opened my eyes and my mouth dropped. I was standing in front of the most beautiful view I have ever seen. I was standing in front of a huge fall . surrounded by trees and flowers full of colours .it was amazing .

“where are we?”

“this is a place I discovered from a while and now it became the place I go to when I’m upset”

We sat under a tree and looked at the birds flying above us .it was so peaceful there I liked it .

“so harry you said you needed to talk to me what’s wrong?”

“well actually I,I just needed someone to talk to , and I know that we barely know each other but I don’t know, I trust you , and I feel like you’re the only person I can talk to”when he said that I felt like butterflies in my stomach and I felt so many feeling mixed inside of me .but I was really happy that he trusted me .

“I am really happy to hear that ,it truly means a lot to me  .now you can tell me whatever you want”

“you know that taylor broke up with me ,and I was so confused and sad .but then I decided to get over her and I did but then she called me last night and she said that she was really sorry and she want us to get back together and I really don’t know what I should do “

“well ,I’m not an expert in relationship but I think if you still love her you should forgive her and get back to her”

“and if I don’t love her anymore”

“then I think you should get over her ,but are you sure you don’t anymore?”

“I am not sure anymore about my feelings but I am afraid of not making the right decision”

“you need to take a break of every thing maybe you’ll figure out how you truly feel about her”

“you think so ?”

“of course”

“well how about you help me  ?”

“me ? how can I help you?”

“mmm maybe we can hang out and get to know each other so I could get a break  “

“haha sounds fun”

‘then it’s a deal”

“since we ‘re getting to know each other ,why didn’t you tell me that you were in one direction??”

“I thought you knew”

“what made you so sure about that?”

“well because every girl on earth know us “

“well mr.harry I don’t”

“haha , mr.harry ? that’s the best you could do ?”

“I couldn’t figure out something ,that’s all I could do “

“don’t worry ,I like it”

We burst out in laughter.then we walked back to the hotel.on our way we decided since we wanted to get to know each other he was going to introduce me to his mates. Few weeks ago I would have  refused since I hated one direction but now I am exicted maybe his mates will be nice like harry .we arrived to our hotel. I took his phone and he took mine so we could exchange numbers. After I saved mine I gave him back his phone and so did he . he told me he would call me tomorrow so we could decide when I will meet his bandmates then he left. And I got up to my room knowing that Julie was waiting for me and that I was going to have to explain a lot for her tonight and I’m sure she will freak out   .so this is going to be a fun night .







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