A chance

Darcy only had one boyfriend in her life but he was mean, and he treated her bad. Since then she never had a boyfriend and she doesn't want one but when her best friend take her to London to spend the summer and take her to a one direction concert , one of the boys fall for her.Will she give him a chance or will she will run away from his love because she is afraid of getting in a relationship ? read to find out :)


12. back to life

    Darcy's pov :

I have made a lot of mistakes in my life.I have loved,i have trusted the wrong person and i have given everything i had for someone that didn't deserve it,but those mistakes are the ones that made me stronger ,the ones that taught me to never give up and to keep going but  every person made mistakes in his life ,that's why we should always forget and forgive because every person needs a chance , a chance to fix everything , a chance to love again and a chance to be happy again ... today i had the chance to live again ,when all my hopes were down i had the chance to start over again ,and i am grateful for that ...

i slowly opened my eyes to find myself in a big white room .what happened ? am i dead ? i looked around but no one was there , i got out of the bed i was in and walked to the door then i got out of the room . i walked through a long hall trying to find an answer for my questions .i walked a bit until i found  lots of  people ,some of them were crying and some of them were happy . i asked a woman sitting behind a huge desk :

"excuse me , where am i ?"

"you are in a hospital ,why did you get out of bed ? may you please return to your room so we can call the doctor to check on you ?"

"in hospital?how did i get here?"

"the police came and put you here"

Police ? Omg Jill ...

"excuse me ,one more question ,did the police  also bring a guy with me ?"

"mm yeah "

"where is he ?"

"Unfortunately ,he is dead "

what ?dead ? Jill is dead ?i couldn't hold myself anymore so i fell on the floor tears streaming down my face ,they picked me up and took me to my room so i could get some rest . i woke up few hours later ,and heard a knock on the door then a nurse came in .

"hello Darcy ,how are you ?"

"i'm fine ,thank you "

"that's good ,someone is here for you "

who could it be ? oh ,it must be Julie ,who did she know i was here ?

"should i let him in ?"she added 

"of course"

Suddenly none but harry styles stepped  in the room holding flowers in his hands.

"harry ?" i asked surprised

"I am going to leave you guys alone,if you need anything just press that button"she said then left

Harry sat next to me ,gave me the flowers then kissed my cheek

"Hello love , i missed you "he said 

"me too "

I actually did , i missed him so much and the truth is that i am happy he was the one that came and not Julie. I just feel secure when he is around.

"how did you know i was here ?" i asked

"they called me and told me you were here  so i came running"

"thank you for coming"i smiled while putting the flowers on the table next to the bed. Then there were a silence ,not a good one ,a weird one .Me and harry haven't talked to each other since that night and i can see in his eyes that he wants to talk about it  so bad.

"look Harry , about that night..."i began

"Darcy ,don't worry about it , i understand"

"you do?"

"yeah , i mean you obviously don't like me and i'm sorry i was so pushy but i couldn't control myself, i am truly sorry ,please forgive me"

"no harry , you should forgive me , i am really sorry ,it's not that i don't like you ,it's just i am not ready to be in a relationship now"

"oh"he said a little bit disappointed 

"but don't worry ,when i'll be ready ,you'll be the first to know  " i added

"okay "he said with a big smile on his face

"are you the only one here ?" i asked 

"yeah , i am not sure if they called anyone else .Want me to call someone for you?"

"actually yes ,Julie,here is her number "i said while writing it on a piece of paper he gave me.

"okay,i'll be right back"

"thank you "

He smiled then got out of the room to call her ...


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