A chance

Darcy only had one boyfriend in her life but he was mean, and he treated her bad. Since then she never had a boyfriend and she doesn't want one but when her best friend take her to London to spend the summer and take her to a one direction concert , one of the boys fall for her.Will she give him a chance or will she will run away from his love because she is afraid of getting in a relationship ? read to find out :)


1. last day of school

Darcy's pov:

i have a feeling that  today will  be an amazing  day , first  because  it is a sunny day and second  because it is the last day of school  I am so glad that this year is finally over,  I mean it was the most boring and scary year of my life.I hate school not that I am bad at it or that I have no friends . well I HATE it  because..mm ..for no reason..anyway  today is the last day yey goodbye school and welcome freedom
!! J . I  was  walking for school eating a piece of sandwich that my mum made for me for breakfast   when I suddenly realized that everybody was staring at me I didn’t understand first then I realized I was eating like a pig .well that’s not my fault I was So hungry and people should mind with their own business !! anyway while I was walking  I saw someone running in my direction  that person seemed really happy ..she was jumping and singing loudly but when that person  approached to me I realized that this person was  my best friend julie and she was singing “live while we’re young” by one direction. Ugh I hate one direction I mean I don’t understand why  all these girls are obsessed with them ,they are just like all boys silly and bossy !!! and these stupid girls  think that they have a chance with them I mean seriously ???!!! and I know that Julie is one of these girl, she is CRAZY about  them she keeps talking about  them and  keeps singing their songs  she even  memorized all the lyrics of their albums ! she is just so annoying but she is my bff and I love her anyway J after she calmed down I asked her why  she was  that happy I know that it’s the last day of school  but I don’t think that this was the only reason for all this jumping and singing  .At first she didn’t answer my question and she kept singing so I screamed “JULIE ANSWER MY QUESTION NOW!!!” and luckily she realized that I was really getting mad so she answered ”calm down darcy why are you angry ??”

“I am not !! just tell me why are you happy and can you STOP singing this STUPID song !!!”

“calm down girl I won’t tell you anything till you’re calm “

“I am calm now please tell me what is it “

“fine… . well omg you won’t believe what just happened you know that my parents promised me  a special gift if I passed my exams right  ?? well since I had passed my exams guess what was their gift???”

“mmm some make ups ??”

“no silly ,2  tickets to spend the summer in London andddd  2 tickets to see ONE DIRECTION IN CONCERT OMG YEYYY!! YEYYY!! “

Ugh now thanks god my parents don’t give me  gifts like that, I mean spending summer in London that’s cool but tickets to see one direction noooo thank you but wait she said 2 tickets who is she taking ??  although I might regret it but I asked her anyway’

"You said you have 2 tickets  but who are you taking with ??”

“ mmm well I was thinking u could come with me ”

“me ??? oh no no thank you I think I’ll  pass , don’t get me wrong but you know I don’t like one direction”

“please please come I mean it is just a little concert and then we could have fun ALL summer in London pleasseeeeeeee for meeeeeeeeeL

“well …..”

“pleaseeeee we’ll go shopping and have some fun meeting celebrities..”

“fineeee.. I’ll come but promise me you won’t fan girl or whatever it is called in the concert"

“but…. Fine :S yey this is gonna be the best summer ever”

“mmm whatever  let’s go 2 school we’re going to be late”

I know that it’s not gonna be the best summer but it still better than spending it at house  .

 … to be continued..

.Well  that was  the first chapter hope you enjoyed it J  I’ll update a new one soon  J this is my first fanfiction hope you like it :)sry for the bad english ... bye :)  


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