Harry it wasn't me that left

Chantelle is a 19 year old girl. Chantelle and Harry used to be together, but Harry had to leave for tour.
Chantelle has a new life in London as an actress in adverts and an interviewer.
She happens to be interviewing One direction.
What will happen? Will she start loving him again? Will her deepest, most darkest secret be revieled? Will this make the boys not want to be around her and the others? Or will she meet an old friend that destroyes her relationship with the boys.


6. Shocked



I stood there shocked I looked at Niall and he had the exact same impression on his face. There was a bunch of things running in my mind,

1)      She looked hot!

2)      Why are her eyes red?

3)      Why is she dressed like that?

4)      How did she get that gun?

5)      Why weren’t the police here?

I heard her mumble shit under her breath.

She then held her ear and looked away; I guess she had some sort of earpiece. She took her hood off and she changed back to normal. This was so creepy.

Then on cue the police came in followed by some people that had AA on their jackets. The police took her spot and took Brady away.

“Zack! Thank god you are here! I have to go; number two is in trouble and needs my help.” She ran up to the guy that led the people with ‘AA’ on the jacket who is apparently called Zack.

She then came up to Niall and I and told us that we shouldn’t tell anyone what we saw or else that would put everyone in danger. She also said that she would tell us later about what happened. Niall and I nodded our heads. Chantelle hugged both of us and then ran out the door. She pulled her hood up once again and looked back one more time. Her eyes were bright red…. Creepy. Out of nowhere a horse appeared and she rode out of our view.

What the fuck just happened?



I was riding to the address Haley said (Haley is number 2 and also my best friend).

I saw Haley laying on the ground a tall muscular man was standing on top of her.

I realized that Haley didn’t have her hood on, so maybe that’s why she needed help.

I jumped off my horse, and pinned down the guy that was on top off Haley.

I punched him in the face so that he blacked out.

Before I could do anything else another muscular man came and put me over his shoulders.

I gave Haley the look and she nodded. I saw Haley put on her hoodie and grab the swards that we have in our jackets. She slid across the concrete ground and stuck one sward in each leg. This made him drop me and I landed with skill and style.

I pulled the masks off the two guys and saw that they were the two that escaped from prison two days ago. I smiled at our work as I called the police to come and get them. When the police got here, Haley and I rode back to Harry’s house on our horses.

When we got up to the front of the house Haley stopped me.

“Chantelle?” She asked me

“Yeah?” I replied

“I don’t have a place to stay, my family kicked me out when they found out what I was.”

“I’ll ask Harry to see if you can stay with us.”

She smiled and nodded as we walked into the house.

Haley pulled her swards out of her jacket that were now covered in blood.

“Maybe you should wash the blood off that before the boys see it.”

“She nodded and ran into the kitchen to clean her swards off. I didn’t see the boys downstairs so when she came back, I suggested that we train before any of the boys could see.

We started off by doing simple back flips, front flips, front handsprings, back handsprings (without the sward.)

When we got used to that we were ready to do it with the swards.

“Shall we try doing some flips while holding the swards and landing in the correct positions?”

“Really?!?!?! Do you think I’m ready?” This would be the first time for her to do flips and things with the swards...

“Yes.” I smiles and nodded.

She let out a slight squeal and got into position.

“1…2….3…. GO!” I yelled as we both did the flipped and landed with style.

“Good job kiddo” I said as I gave her a big hug. Even though she was only one year younger than me, she was like a little kid and I was like her mother. We have a wired relationship…

She hugged back and said “Thank you for teaching me. I owe you.”

“Hey, you don’t owe me anything. I am number one and you are number two. It is my job to train you and number three.” I smiled

Just as we landed another flip we looked up to see five figures standing in the living room.

“OH SHIT!” I yelled as I stood up.

“Haley get up! “ I whisper yelled at Haley.

Immediately she got up.

“Why what’s wrong?” She was standing with her back facing the boys so she didn’t see them.

I just stared at them as they stared at us.

“Hello?” Haley said as she flicked her hand back and forth in front of my face.

“Will you stop that and turn around?!?!” I said in a whisper yell.

“Wh-oh my god…” She said as she turned around.

I heard a loud thud and looked to see that Haley had dropped her swards in the ground making two holes.

“JESUS HALEY!!!” I said as I pulled them out of the ground and handed them to her.

“Sorry…” She said while blushing.

“It doesn’t matter… Right now we have bigger problems.” I said as I gestured towards the five boys still staring at us.

“Oh yeah…”

I just then remembered that we haddent taken our hoods off.

I gasped and looked at Haley

“What? What’s wrong?” She asked.

“LOOK AT WHAT WE LOOK LIKE!!!!!!!!!!” I yelled maybe a bit too loud.

“OH SHIT!” Haley yelled even louder.

I quickly pulled my hood off and she pulled hers off too.

“Oh no.” I said.

“What is it now?!?!” Haley asked getting a bit annoyed

“They just saw us transform.” I said as I pointed to the boys still staring at us.

“EEK!” She let out a little squeak.

I heard Haley gasp. I looked at her instantly.


“They can hear everything that we just said and I think they saw part of our training.” She said while staring at the boys,

There was a very long awkward silence. I finally broke the Trans.

“OK, I think we need to talk.”

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