Harry it wasn't me that left

Chantelle is a 19 year old girl. Chantelle and Harry used to be together, but Harry had to leave for tour.
Chantelle has a new life in London as an actress in adverts and an interviewer.
She happens to be interviewing One direction.
What will happen? Will she start loving him again? Will her deepest, most darkest secret be revieled? Will this make the boys not want to be around her and the others? Or will she meet an old friend that destroyes her relationship with the boys.


3. Party


POV Chantelle

Harry was standing there with my purse.

“You forgot this” he said while handing me my purse.

“Wait, how did you know that I lived her?” I asked suspiciously.

“Oh, well I saw this thing in your purse and it said were you lived” he said.

“When did you find my purse?” I asked, “just now” he said.

“Well bye bye!” I said while closing the door, “wait!” he said and slipped into my apartment.

Charlie ran up to Harry, “who’s this?” he asked while petting my dog Charlie.

“That’s my dog Charlie” I said, “Cant I just look around in this place, I mean you got to look around in my place” he asked.

“Fine but be quick!” I said while leading him through the hallway, “here we have the living room” I said.

“Ok” he said while looking around, “here’s the kitchen” I said while pointing to the kitchen.

“Here’s my room” I said while pointing to my room.

“Your room is quite clean” he said, “are you some type of clean investigator? Cause if you are then you should take a look in your room!” I said while laughing.

“Ha ha ha very funny, oh I have something for you” he said while slipping out of the door and giving me a bouquet and a basket filled with my favorite sweets!

“Thanks!” I said while Harry was handing me the things he got for me.

“Well I have to go” he said while winking and walking down the stairs.

I looked at the note, it said: Hello as you see these are your favorite flowers and sweets!

Now to return the favor for me, (since I found your purse) that favor is to come to this party with me. In the basket is your ticket. See you there!

Well I guess I have to go to return a favor…

I looked in the basket, ok here’s the ticket. Ok I know where that club is, and its tomorrow.

Ok well it starts at 10 so I will pick out some party clothes now!

I looked in my wardrobe and found the dress that I wore for prom.

The prom that I went with Harry too…

Well I will pick my party dress later since I am quite tired and I was doing an interview with Taylor Swift.

I put my pajamas on and went to bed.

I woke up and brushed my teeth and changed.

I went to Starbucks and got a cup of coffee.

As I was walking my phone started buzzing, it was my boss.

“Chantelle, remember today is Taylor Swift!” he said “I know I am prepared!” I said and he hung up.

I got inside the building and saw Taylor Swift on her mobile.

I went up to her and said “hi my name is Chantelle and I will be interviewing you.”

“Hi, Chantelle” she said and I walked to the room.

Taylor walked in and sat down.

“Hello Taylor!” I said “hi” she said.

“Are you together with someone?” I asked.


I asked more questions and then we were down I shook her hand and walked out.

I took my phone and called Harry.

“Harry I just interviewed Taylor Swift, and she said that you guys were together!” I said.

Harry didn’t answer, I heard him give the phone to someone else.

“Hello?” an Irish guy asked.

“Hi you are Niall right? Well if you are then tell Harry that I am not going to go to that party!” I said and hung up.

That was my last interview for today, so I walked home.

I walked up the stairs and saw Niall standing there.

“Hello…” I said “hi I was just wondering if you could come with me to the club?” he asked.

Well I mean he is hot and nice so I answered yes. He smile and kissed my cheek.

What just happened their?

I walked inside and checked the time.

Ok its 9:45 I better get ready.

I got ready and headed for the club, until this black limo came.

Niall jumped out and said “come in.”

I got in the limo, harry was with Taylor across from me and Niall.

Niall put his arm round my shoulders.

I know exactly what I want to do tonight I am going to get harry jealous!

We arrived at the club Niall took my hand and led me in.

I started dancing, Niall took my hips and I kissed him.

I was actually starting to like Niall; I mean I actually found out that we had lots in common.

We started drinking a lot and I don’t remember what happened next.

I woke up, I wasn’t in my bed I was in Niall’s bed we still had our clothes on.

I looked up and remembered this place.

It was Harry’s place…


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