Harry it wasn't me that left

Chantelle is a 19 year old girl. Chantelle and Harry used to be together, but Harry had to leave for tour.
Chantelle has a new life in London as an actress in adverts and an interviewer.
She happens to be interviewing One direction.
What will happen? Will she start loving him again? Will her deepest, most darkest secret be revieled? Will this make the boys not want to be around her and the others? Or will she meet an old friend that destroyes her relationship with the boys.


1. Interview


POV Chantelle

Hi my name is Chantelle, I was together with Harry but then he joined 1D and I have moved to London.

I don’t really like mentioning him, but I have moved on since.

I am an actress well I am in adverts; I also have a job as an interviewer.

I have a big apartment, I also have a dog named Charlie.

I also have a job as an interviewer.

I was on my way to job with a coffee in my left hand and my phone in my other hand.

My boss was calling me “Hello?” I asked. “Hi, you will be interviewing One Direction today so don’t be late for work!” he said and hanged up on me.

SHIT FUCK I CAN’T INTERVIEW THEM HARRY’S THERE. Ok Chantelle calm down just be calm.

I walked through the building and saw Harry on a sofa with his phone in his hand.

I walked by Harry looked up “Chantelle?” he asked I looked at him, “Oh hi” I said pretending that I never saw him.

“I will be interviewing you today so I have to go” I said while walking away.

I went in the room and saw four other guys around my age.

“Well hello” one of them said, “Hi” I said while taking my seat and sipping my coffee.

Harry came walking through the door; he smiled when he saw me.

“My name is Chantelle” I said, “hey Harry don’t you always talk about a girl named Chantelle?” A blonde guy said.

“That is her” Harry said while looking at me. I was surprised how Harry had been talking about me.

I got this paper and I stood up but then my coffee spilt all over me.

“Ugh” I said while getting tissues and wiping myself off.

I got some on the floor I got more napkins and wiped the ground. Someone came and started to help. It was Harry, he tried leaning in for a kiss I pushed him away.

“Harry you’re the one that left not me!” I said while standing up.

The other boys just watched.

“Ok now we need to start!” I said.

“Ok so how is it to have all those screaming girls?” I asked.

“Well you know we love our Directioners!” a guy said.

“Have they ever flashed?” I asked.

“Well yeah the Swedish fans did that! Crazy!” Harry said while they all started laughing.

“Ok so this is a question from a fan, WILL YOU MARRY ME HARRY?” I said while looking at Harry.

He started looking at me, “well you know I am sorry but will have to say no to that because I like someone else.”

“Here’s another one, who is the girl?” I said while looking at Harry.

“Well we used to be together but then I had to leave cause of x-factor.” He said while looking at me.

“Ok, who is the flirtiest?” I asked, “HARRY!” this guy said.

Harry just smiled, “Well I think it’s time to wrap things up” I said while standing up.

I shook their hands and said nice to meet you, until Harry was next I shacked his hand and said “well good luck on the tour.”

“Thanks, oh do you mind helping me find a restaurant?” he asked. “Sure” I said, while going out of the room.

I led him to a sushi place that was really close. We got their wait why was the other guys not here?

“Well since you’re here you can eat with me?” he asked. I was really hungry so I accepted the invitation.

“So how’s life?” he asked, “well I am an actress in advertisements” I said.

“Why not movies?” he asked, “well I know that I wouldn’t get in if I tried” I said.

“You would get in!” he said while a waiter came and asked to take our orders.

“I would like to have Californian rolls” I said Harry ordered the same.

“Well I have a break from tour for three weeks” he said probably hoping that I would want to spend it with him.

“Cool” I said, “well I was wondering if you could come to my place and play video games?” he asked.

Yes I do LOVE video games. “Ok! But I am not doing anything but video games!” I said


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