Harry it wasn't me that left

Chantelle is a 19 year old girl. Chantelle and Harry used to be together, but Harry had to leave for tour.
Chantelle has a new life in London as an actress in adverts and an interviewer.
She happens to be interviewing One direction.
What will happen? Will she start loving him again? Will her deepest, most darkest secret be revieled? Will this make the boys not want to be around her and the others? Or will she meet an old friend that destroyes her relationship with the boys.


4. Cheshire


Pov Chantelle

I slowly got up, wait this wasn’t Harry’s place in London it was his place in Cheshire.

Luckily it was Saturday so I didn’t have to go to work.

I started to freak out I got up and remembered this room.

It was Harry’s room, I remembered that over there we used to snuggle up and watch movies.

 I felt my eyes water up, I quickly wiped my eyes when I saw Harry.

“Remember this place?” he asked, “yup, WAIT WHY AM I HERE!?” I whisper shouted.

“Oh well we drove over here and you said its ok!” he said while trying to look innocent.

“I WAS DRUNK!” I said a little too loud so Niall woke up.

“What am I doing here?” he asked.

“I just asked the same thing!” I said, while Harry started walking away.

I walked after him I looked around and never saw Taylor.

“Where’s Taylor?” I asked, “Oh, I broke up with her yesterday” he said.

“Why do you like someone else?” I said while laughing.

“Yes” he said and looked right into my eyes.

“Me?” I asked, he nodded.

We had this awkward silence, until Niall came “hi where is the food?” he asked.

“First door to your left” I said, “ok!” he said and followed my directions.

I walked to the kitchen, Niall was making 4 sandwiches.

Yay he’s making one for me!

He finished making them and got one plate out and started eating them all.

I ate some cereals and milk, and then remembered that I have my old toothbrush here.

So I brushed my teeth, and brushed my hair.

When I was done I got out and went for a walk.

I could go the secret path that me and Harry made up…

I started going down the path memories came back.

I went on the grass and lay there, the sun was shining.

I heard that someone was coming; I quickly jumped up and saw that it was just Harry.

“Hi, do you remember when we used to come out here and just lay there?” he asked.

“Yes I do” I said while he was coming closer.

He laughed and I started to lie down again.

He lies down next to me and puts his arm round me.

I stand up and start to walk again I heard him catching up to me.

“I wasn’t the one that left Mr. Styles” I said.

“I already said that I am sorry!” he said as we entered his place.

We then saw a tall muscular guy holding Niall. The guy had a gun pointing at Niall’s head.

*Authors Note*

Sorry for the short chapter :/ 

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