Harry it wasn't me that left

Chantelle is a 19 year old girl. Chantelle and Harry used to be together, but Harry had to leave for tour.
Chantelle has a new life in London as an actress in adverts and an interviewer.
She happens to be interviewing One direction.
What will happen? Will she start loving him again? Will her deepest, most darkest secret be revieled? Will this make the boys not want to be around her and the others? Or will she meet an old friend that destroyes her relationship with the boys.


5. Brady


POV Chantelle

I then saw that it was my old class loser, Brady Stinkins.

“Brady?” I asked.

“Hello Chantelle, long time no see.”

“What the fuck are you doing Brady?”

Brady used to have a major crush on me from pre-school to middle school but then I gave him a lesson and told him to back off. But I’d rather not talk about that now.

“You know Chantelle, I never stopped loving you and I never will.”
“What the fuck? Stinkins how did you find me and why the fuck do you have a gun pointed at Niall’s head?”

“I saw you with Niall and Harry and I got jealous. I know that you would never leave them because trust me I have known you for quite a long time. I found you because; ever since you gave me that lesson and then said that I should leave you alone, I wanted you even more. So I started to follow you. I saw that you were hanging out with them I couldn’t help myself. I had to have you. I love you. You could dome with me and we can run away together and be happy.”

There was only one thing that I could do. Other than what I have planned for him later

“Brady your right, I’m sorry, I never knew that you actually loved me, I love you too. I just never realized that until now. I’m sorry Harry and Niall. I love Brady now. If I run away with him, how will I know that you won’t come after me? I’m sorry but this has to end here.” I said while Harry and Niall’s eyes widened.

“Babe, can I have the gun?”

“Sure thing babe, anything for you.”

He gave me his gun, and I reloaded it and was aiming at Harry’s head until I turned around and aimed at Brady’s head.

“Wha…What are you doing?” he asked

“Harry call the police and say that it is a ‘Code Red AE’!” I said.

He dialed 911 and told the police where we were and what is happening.

“Now get in the kitchen and don’t come out until I say so.”


“No buts Niall!! Get in the kitchen!”

I said all of this without taking Brady out of sight. Niall and Harry walked slowly into the kitchen.

“Naill, Harry wait! Don’t forget to lock the kitchen door.”

I heard groans coming from their direction as they went into the kitchen.

I flashed a grin at Brady.

“What are you smiling at? The police aren’t here yet and it has been 15 minutes since Harry called. Face it, they are not coming.” Brady said while smirking at me

 I knew exactly how I will show off my skills and catch him while still looking good.

“Before I blow your head off, can I have a kiss?”

“Of course.”

I leaned in closer and he shut his eyes. I smiled to myself. This was my chance to transform. I turned around, put my black hood up so it covered most of my face and closed my eyes. When I opened them again, I was the other side of me. A good-ish assassin. (http://www.polyvore.com/hiwmtl_look/set?id=68342300 )

I turned back around and faced Brady. He was close to my face and this was the perfect distance.

“Well, if you want a kiss, you’re going to have to catch me.” I said as soon as his lips were going to touch mine.

“What the hell? What did you do? Why are you dresses like that? Why are you’re your eyese red?”

“Do you still want that kiss?”


I giggled and ran to the other side of the couch. He chased me. I wanted to make him look like he was winning so I deliberately ran straight towards the wall and looked back at Brady while running towards the wall so it looked like I didn’t know that I was running into a solid thing.

“I got you now.” Brady said with a smirk.

“You wish” I said and winked at him.

I turned back around and when he was close enough, I ran up the wall and flipped backwards so I was in behind him. The look on his face when I did that was priceless!

I quickly pulled out a gun that I was hiding in my boot and aimed it at his head. I was surprised I could do that in heels.

Just then I talked into my earpiece that also appeared when I put my hood up.

“I have him officer Burkhart.”

“Thank you number one”

“The two boys are in the kitchen so you can come in and get Brady.”

Right as I said that, the kitchen door flung open and Niall and Harry came in the living room.


They looked up and saw me in my assassin’s outfit. They were staring at me head to toe with their mouths wide open. I can’t blame them, I look HOT!









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