Just My Luckk.

Ryder was on her own since her parents died when she was 14. She lived with her grandma, finished school early and moved out to live on her own. What happens when she gets on a flight to L.A, and it just so happens the person she sits next to is non other known as the Biebs. Read and find out.


1. Packing!

Ugh! "Jay come help me zip up my suitcase!" I yelled across the apartment to my bestfriend. "What?" "Come help me!" I was practically screaming. "You need some muscles girl." She said with a wink. Ok so yeah i was a little toothpick. Weighing 110lbs at a height of 5'6". I was a little bit under weight. So what! I think Jays just jealous she isnt as small as I am. I only weigh this much because im a dancer. I dance for small acts and mostly backups, but nothing too serious. "What time does your flight leave?" Leave it to Jay to ruin my train of thought. "3:30, why do you ask?" "Ryder your going to be late!" At this point we both started panicking and rushing for my things. We ran down the stairs, into the living room and out the door in less than 10 seconds. I put all of my stuff in the trunk and used all my weight to push the trunk down. I hoped in the drivers seat and looked at Jay. Out of nowhere we both started laughing. Hysterically. "What just happened?" Jay managed to say after we were both out of breathe. "I dont know, but lets go." We got to the airport and waited for the flight to be called. "Flight 16 to L.A. Is now ready to board." I hugged Jay real quick so i wouldnt have to see her cry or it would make me cry. I looked at her and turned away. Its going to be a week going without Jay. Wiping a tear from my eye, i made my way to the gate and into the plane.
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