The Land Of Ooo *Complete*

Finn is thought to be the last human. Untill Rosie, a human girl, is found. You probably think they fall in love right away. But no. As Rosie tries to regain her memory; Finn will try to win her heart. Not untill Rosie remembers her past, will she have time for love.


2. Where Am I?

*Rosie's POV*

When I awake, a girl made of bubblegum, a boy, and an orange dog are staring at me. The dog, by the way, is standing on his hind legs. What happened while I was asleep!? Where am I? How'd I fall asleep in the first place!? Now that I think about it, who am I? And why is a cute boy staring at me. Cool, white hat; blue shirt; blue pants; black shoes with white socks.

"Hi. I'm Finn, the human boy. And this is Jake. The dog."

"Nice to meet you all. But, how'd I get here?"

"Someone found you. Frozen in ice," Princess Bubblegum answers.

"Really?" Jake asks.

"That dog just talked!" I exclaimed, shocked.

"Yes," Finn starts, "everything talks here."

"Yep," Princess Bubblegum says. "Hundreds of years ago, the Lich tried to wipe everything out. But magic stoped him. It was thought all humans were dead. 'Till FInn was found. And now you."

"Wow, so is there a history book I can read about it. Maybe my memory will come back," I say.

"Oh no. You have no memory?"


"Well, Finn can take you to my library. Right after we get you in to some real clothes."

"Sounds good." Then Finn helps me out of the container, and Bubblegum leads me to a room.

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