The Land Of Ooo *Complete*

Finn is thought to be the last human. Untill Rosie, a human girl, is found. You probably think they fall in love right away. But no. As Rosie tries to regain her memory; Finn will try to win her heart. Not untill Rosie remembers her past, will she have time for love.


3. The Library

*Minutes Later*

I pull down my red shirt. Pull up my jeans. Put on black socks and white shoes. Even put my hair up in pigtails. I need to trim it as soon as possible. Then exit the room. Finn is outside waiting for me. Jake is also there. "So, time for the library?" Finn comfirms. I think I see him blush, but I don't think I'll have time for romance.


"Follow us," Jake says.

How will I fit in to this world?

*At The Library*

So many books. "If you'll follow me, I'll show you to the history books."

"Thanks Finn." We walk for a bit, then get to the history books.

"PB says you can take any books you like. And keep them as long as you like. Also, if you want, you can come home with me and Jake. Stay with us for a while."

"Cool," I say while skimming over book titles. Grabing ones that look good. I'm finished quick, "Let's go home. I guess."

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