The Land Of Ooo *Complete*

Finn is thought to be the last human. Untill Rosie, a human girl, is found. You probably think they fall in love right away. But no. As Rosie tries to regain her memory; Finn will try to win her heart. Not untill Rosie remembers her past, will she have time for love.


11. The Last Piece Of The Puzzle

"But mom!" I whine.

"No 'buts'. A princess has to learn this."

"I want to train with dad."

"Later. Now, you have to learn to behave."

And so I do. Everything a princess should know. When my mom gives me a test, I pass with flying colors.

"You know, you're the best princess I know."

"Can I go?" I'm very eager.

She laughs, and then kisses my forehead. "Just remember, when I'm gone. You'll be queen."

"So I can go?"

Another laugh. "Yes."

Then I rush off.


I'm on my knees; tears flowing out of my eyes.

"You okay?" PB asks.

I sniff, wipe my eyes, and answer, "Yes. And I know who I was, and who I'm supposed to be."

*In The Evening*

"A princess," Finn's face is red.

"No, queen," I correct him.


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