The Land Of Ooo *Complete*

Finn is thought to be the last human. Untill Rosie, a human girl, is found. You probably think they fall in love right away. But no. As Rosie tries to regain her memory; Finn will try to win her heart. Not untill Rosie remembers her past, will she have time for love.


12. I've Always Liked You

"And PB's having a kingdom built for me."

"So you're leaving?" his face is back to normal, and he's sad.

"No. Because the castle is the treehouse."

"You're kidding?" Jake says.


"Well, I can guard your kingdom."

"So can I," Finn says.

"Finn," I start, "how can you guard the kingdom, when you're helping me rule?"

"What?" his face gets red again.

"Yeah, two humans ruling. Sounds about right."

"I would be honored."

"Man," Jake starts, "this is great. A new kingdom. And I'm apart of it."

"Do we have to get, you know," Finn starts, but doesn't finish.

"Married?'' I ask.

He nods his head.

"Not yet," I walk over to him. We're outside, enjoying the fresh air. "Not 'till we're older," I kiss his cheek.

"You know, I've liked you from the start. All those times I was with you, I tried to get you to like me. Hang out with me."

"Finn, there was no need. I always liked you. We've barley been together. And now we're going to rule a kingdom together. Things are going to be great."

He smiles, "Okay."

I smile back, "Okay," and nod.

"Hey guys," Jake says.

"Yeah Jake," I say.

"We can still go on adventures together, right?"

"Of course," I giggle.


"Life's just going to keep getting better," Finn says 

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