The Land Of Ooo *Complete*

Finn is thought to be the last human. Untill Rosie, a human girl, is found. You probably think they fall in love right away. But no. As Rosie tries to regain her memory; Finn will try to win her heart. Not untill Rosie remembers her past, will she have time for love.


9. A Phone Call

*Three Weeks Later*

"B-MO, what game should I play now?"

"I have a new one."

"Okay. I'll play it."

B-MO turns on the new game, and I start playing. Finn and Jake are off on an adventure. The one I went on weeks ago; I met a ton of people. And got almost all of my memory back. I'm a warrior and a ninja. I am the youngest of two. My older brother died in battle a few months before the big battle. There's just one piece of the puzzle I still don't have. Who was I?

PB and some others went out to where I was found. They're going to call when they've gotten everything they can find there. I hope something they find will unlock the final piece to the puzzle of my life.


"Pause B-MO."

"Kay Rosie," she pauses.

Then I pick up the phone. "Hello?"

"Rosie? It's PB.''

"What do you need?"

Come quick. We've found something that might interest you."

"I'm on my way."

"Okay, bye."


"Who was it?" B-MO asks. B-MO's screen now shows her face.

"PB. She needs me. When the boys get back, tell them where I am."

"Will do."

"Good," I rush to the front door. Grabing my backpack and sword as I rush out.

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