❤My Heart is breathing for this❤

Well, this history is about a girl named Nathalie Washington, a 16 year old girl with a big dream, being a pop star! She competes on the X-Factor to make her dream come true.She also has a little sister named Faith, she is two years younger than her... She meets a lovely guy while her sister is in the competition! Their mother hits them and hurt them constantly, but she hides a big secret of her past... Also, their father abandoned them when Nathalie was 10...
While Nathalie's on the competition she makes a new friend! But, is she falling for him? Is he falling for her? Or are both falling for each other?
Nathalie, Faith, and their big brother Louis, will find the way to solve their problems, and they will also find love where they don't think!
Right now the Movella doesn't include any mature content, but then some dirty scenes may appear... So, we better rate it.


2. The Competition

I was so nervous... I couldn't wait more for Simon's answer...

"It was pretty good, but you need to improve...", I have three yeses which it means that I'm in... But receiving a yes from Simon was my dream... 

I got out of the stage and met Liam... 

"My turn!", he said smiling


"Are you in?"


"Congrats! Well, gotta go!", he went to the stage

Faith's POV

When I got in, the first thing I did was putting my stuff in my room... When I got out I heard Aunt Mary calling me.

"Fay, I got a surprise for you"

"Really?, what is it?"

In that moment Aunt Mary calls someone... Then she hands me the telephone


"Hello?", I asked

"Hi sis!", it was Nathalie!!! My aunt called Nathalie!

"Nat!, how ya doin'?"

"Great! I met the cutest boy ever!"

"Hmmm, interesting"

"*laughs* I mean, he's cute, but guess what?"


"He's Danielle's boyfriend"

"Bad Luck Naty"

"*Laughs* Really? Like, are you freaking kidding me?!"

"*Laughs* Well, and are you in?"

"I'm not teling you, you have to see the program!!! It starts at 18:00"

"Better I go to turn on the TV, bye!"

"Bye then"

I turned the TV on and The X-Factor started, Nathalie's interview appeared first.

"Hello, my name is Nathalie Washington. I'm from Yorkshire. I'm 16 years old, and singing has been always my passion... Since I'm 5 years old I started to like music, my aunt takes me to singing classes, dancing classes, piano classes, and guitar classes...", she said looking at the camera...

"I really enjoy arts, I also want to learn actuation! I tried painting, but let's say that it wasn't my type of arts *laughs*"

Then, her audition started... She sang "Beautiful" from Christina Aguilera... While she was singing some tears ran down her cheek, she really loves that song and she's really identified with it....

When she finished, three of four judges said yes! Only Simon was missing...

"It was pretty good, but you need to improve...", Simon finally answer....

Nat's in the competition, and that's great!


Sorry if the chapter was short, and sorry for taking too much time... But I wanted to give time to people to read it and put their opinions... And I had internet problems! If you like this Movella, and you want it to continue, please comment! And if you like it, like and FAV it please! And if you don't, like and FAV it please!... What? That's how it works, no? :)

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