❤My Heart is breathing for this❤

Well, this history is about a girl named Nathalie Washington, a 16 year old girl with a big dream, being a pop star! She competes on the X-Factor to make her dream come true.She also has a little sister named Faith, she is two years younger than her... She meets a lovely guy while her sister is in the competition! Their mother hits them and hurt them constantly, but she hides a big secret of her past... Also, their father abandoned them when Nathalie was 10...
While Nathalie's on the competition she makes a new friend! But, is she falling for him? Is he falling for her? Or are both falling for each other?
Nathalie, Faith, and their big brother Louis, will find the way to solve their problems, and they will also find love where they don't think!
Right now the Movella doesn't include any mature content, but then some dirty scenes may appear... So, we better rate it.


5. The call

We got home, a lot of paparazzi's were following us, I didn't know being famous was so complicated, when I entered I heard my phone was ringing, so I answered It.

"Hello?" I said 

"Hello Is this Nathalie Washington?" A Male voice spoke

"Umm yeah?" I said

"Hello Nathalie!" He spoke again

"Excuse me but, who is this?" I said, That voice wasn't familiar to me

"Come on! It's me Harry!" He said like in a "joking" way

"Oh.. how did you get my number?" I asked fast and confused

"Well, let's say I stole it" He said shyly

"Why? You could've just asked for it" It was a bit strange he didn't ask for it

"I know but I was afraid you could've not gave it to me"

"Do you need anything?" I really didn't know why he was calling

"Well I was going to ask you if you wanted to go tomorrow at eight a.m. to starbucks for a coffee?" He said fast

"Oh" I said surprised    "I'll call you later and tell you Ok?"

"Ok" He said Happily 

"Bye" I hanged

I really didn't recognize his voice, When I moved to Yorkshire we got separated,Suddenly I heard some footsteps, and a shadow started to appear.. "Faith" I thought.

"Who was it?" She asked curious

"Harry.... Why are you asking?"

"Oh, for nothing....", I perceived her answer like... Um... Jealousy? May be?


She just smiled and leaved..

I was really happy, Harry is one on of my oldest friends and he's also competing on the X-Factor... I was kinda falling for him.... Or am I still falling for him? I'm not sure... But he's a really nice guy with me and with Fay... He's caring and kind with everyone no matter who....

"Marie, do you want dinner?" My aunt Mary asked

"No, thanks, how about you Li?.. I mean Liam?" I asked him now

"No, thanks may be just a glass of milk will be ok" He smiled

"Sure, I'll get it for you, ALEXANDRA OPEN YOUR DOOR" She left and knocked my sisters door

"Coming!" She said running to open.

"So.. are you tired?" Liam asked

"No, but I have a date tomorrow morning" I said while I texted Harry

"Oh.. well good night" He smiled and left the room

The night past and then I opened my eyes as the sun was getting into the bedroom, I looked around and strangely Liam wasn't there, I got up and took a bath I dressed with something nice and went downstairs.

"That's not fair Liam!" Fay seemed mad

"But you said that I could eat the last piece of apple pie!" He said almost laughing because of Fay's expresion, and It was funny tho

"Only if you knew the answer!" She replied

"Ok, oh look who's here! Good morning Nat!" He smiled and he made me smile too

"Hey Liam, Hi Fay" I said walking around the table to get to an empty seat

"Nathalie, you know you only say Hey to ME" She smiled and i noticed it was a fake one

"Don't me dramatic princess and keep eating" I took the las piece of apple pie "Mmm It's so delicious" I smiled and I saw how both were seeing how I ate it "Do you want some?" I asked almost laughing 

"No, thanks" They both said and kept eating

"Were are you going so nice?" Faith asked I noticed Jealousy

"I'm gonna meet Harry, at Starbucks, Jealous?"

"Of course not! I'm not jealous! Besides I have a boyfriend and he's name is Steven" She said I was in shock maybe but, that wasn't my problem.

Hey! I'm "My Heart is Breathing for this" Co-Author, This Fanfic was actually wrote by Little Star and me, believe it or not it's been modified a million of times, and it's really really long. There will be more caracters, more love and even a lot of problems! Oh by the way Little Star Does Nathalie's part and I do Faith's part (: I hope you like this chapter!♥


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