❤My Heart is breathing for this❤

Well, this history is about a girl named Nathalie Washington, a 16 year old girl with a big dream, being a pop star! She competes on the X-Factor to make her dream come true.She also has a little sister named Faith, she is two years younger than her... She meets a lovely guy while her sister is in the competition! Their mother hits them and hurt them constantly, but she hides a big secret of her past... Also, their father abandoned them when Nathalie was 10...
While Nathalie's on the competition she makes a new friend! But, is she falling for him? Is he falling for her? Or are both falling for each other?
Nathalie, Faith, and their big brother Louis, will find the way to solve their problems, and they will also find love where they don't think!
Right now the Movella doesn't include any mature content, but then some dirty scenes may appear... So, we better rate it.


4. Staying

Liam's POV

When I got back to Nathalie's house, Fay opened ,again, and told me:

"Come in... Nat is talking in other place with my aunt"

Ok... The weird thing is why Nat went to other place, is she afraid of me knowing about what she's talking with her aunt? Or is she talking about something about me?

"Oh, ok, thanks", I stepped in the house, and Fay told me something else:

"Do you want to know what they are talking?"

I even said a word and Fay took my hand and literally pushed me to go upstairs to a room that was in front of the place where Nat and Mrs White were talking....

"But, what can I do?", Nat seemed kinda nervous...

"Just, give him time...."

"*sigh* Fine... It's the best for both of us...."

Hmmm.... This seems actually pretty awkward...

"So... Who do you think they're talking about?... Liam?"

"Uh? Sorry, I was just thinking..."

"Who do you think they're talking about?", Fay repeated the question...

"I can't say anything... I barely know her...."

"I bet you'll become best friends... She's a pretty nice girl...", she told me smiling

"I know, she is kind with me..."

"This is just the beginning, Liam, believe me."

I just smiled, and suddenly Nat appeared...

"Ummm... Liam, let me show you the room were we're staying....", she looked pale and she talked really really fast...

I followed her to the room, left my things, and putted them on the closet...

"Do you want one?", she offered me a Blue Raspberry "Jolly Rancher"

"Sure", I took it and I asked if we could walk a bit through the park near the house...

Suddenly, some paparazzi's appeared and asked us some questions...

*Author's writing*

"Are you dating?"

"Liam, is it true that you are dating Danielle Peazer?"
"Nathalie, did you know that Liam has girlfriend?"

Those questions were some of the many the paparazzi's were asking to them...

"No, we're not dating... Yes, I'm dating Danielle...", Liam answered quickly.

"Yes, of course I know! She's my best friend!", Nathalie answered nervous

"And we're not dating! We're just friends!"

After asking more questions, the paparazzi's finally leaved...

"Thanks God...", Nathalie said

"Yeah... Well, let's sit on that bench over there", Liam said pointing at the bench....

When the night was coming, they decided to go back to the house...
Sorry for taking too much! But, I was out of ideas! Yeah, yeah, I know... I'm always out of ideas! But, I promise that in the next chapters the story will be better and longer! Ok? Thanks for reading my Movella! If you like it, please touch those buttons that say: FAV and LIKE, please so you can know when I update! :D


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