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Well, this history is about a girl named Nathalie Washington, a 16 year old girl with a big dream, being a pop star! She competes on the X-Factor to make her dream come true.She also has a little sister named Faith, she is two years younger than her... She meets a lovely guy while her sister is in the competition! Their mother hits them and hurt them constantly, but she hides a big secret of her past... Also, their father abandoned them when Nathalie was 10...
While Nathalie's on the competition she makes a new friend! But, is she falling for him? Is he falling for her? Or are both falling for each other?
Nathalie, Faith, and their big brother Louis, will find the way to solve their problems, and they will also find love where they don't think!
Right now the Movella doesn't include any mature content, but then some dirty scenes may appear... So, we better rate it.


3. Meeting Liam

Nathalie's POV

When Liam entered, I waited him in backstage... He sang "Cry me a river" by Micheal Bublé.... HE DID IT AMAZING!!!

When he went backstage after his performance, we hugged each other tightly... I perceived his perfume almost instantly.... His smell was just awesome.... The hug felt like forever! I was just so happy for him! While we were hugging, Liam's mom, dad, and sisters were awing us...

Then we spent more time together and we met each other properly...

"So, tell me more about you...", he told me while driving to his home...

"Well... I always loved music... And since 5, 7 years old, I wanted to learn how to play different instruments... Now, I know how to play the guitar, the piano, and I receive singing classes to improve everyday!", I answered smiling.

"Nice! You have an amazing talent! Do you write songs?"

"Nope.... I can play, sing, dance songs... But, write a song is something that I find really hard to do! *laughs*"

"*Laughs* Well, you'll improve sometime!"

When we got to his house, Karen, his mom, gave us some cookies she made with a bit of tea...

Liam's POV

Nathalie such a nice girl... And the fact that she's my girlfriend's best friend, it's just awesome!

Nathalie's POV

I'm not sure if Liam's sweet with every girl, or he's flirting with me... He's always asking me if I need something, always talking me about my great talent (or that's what he think it is)... He's cute, careful, and charismatic!

"Do you want another cookie?", Karen asked me.

"No, thanks! I ate to much! *laughs* But, thank you!", I answered smiling...

In that moment I noticed Liam looking at me, then looking down, for finally smile like an idiot... I think things are getting kinda awkward between us...

"Liam, do you want to go and meet my sister and aunt? After all, I promised them to visit them after the audition...."

"Sure, why not?!"

"Thanks so much! They're going to now how a nice guy you are!"

We got to Aunt Mary's house, where Fay was staying.... Liam opened the door for me, he's such a sweet guy! I knocked the door and Fay opened the door and fastly hugged me.

"Sis! I love you! Your audition was so nice!, who's him?"

"Hi", said Liam shyly...

"Fay, he's Liam....", Fay looked me like saying : "you like him", "My new friend!"

*Liam smiles*

"Oh! Nice to meet you! Come in!", she said pointing at the door.

Liam and I walked in the house and my aunt received us with more tea and cookies...

"Hi Nat!" "Hello aunt! He's Liam, Liam, she's my aunt!"

"Oh, nice to meet you!", Aunt Mary said smiling.

"The pleasure is mine."

Then, my aunt offered us some tea and cookies... We had to tell her that no thanks, and she offered Liam to take some to his house....

"So... You're Liam... Right? What are your intentions with my sister, huh?" Since Louis is at college, Fay is the one who asks uncomfortable questions to every guy that gets to our house... Which is kinda embarrassing....

"Umm... I see her like a friend..."

"Fay, he has girlfriend..."

"Oh... Well, bye then..." She just turned around and went to her room...

"Sorry... She's like that..."

"No problem, she's just jealous that her big sister has a new friend..."

*I smile*

Liam's POV

Nat's sister thinks that I like Nathalie... She's a beautiful girl, and she's nice... But, I love Dani... After all, I bet that Nat can get another guy better than me...

"Why don't you stay with us tonight?" Her aunt asked Nat and I...

"Well, I'll stay... What about you Liam?"

"Umm... Ok, I'm going to bring some of my stuff from my house"

I leaved to bring my things....


Hi! Umm... sorry for not updating!!!! I didn't knew what or how to right this chapter! Sorry if it's short too! But, I'll try to update as soon as possible!

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