❤My Heart is breathing for this❤

Well, this history is about a girl named Nathalie Washington, a 16 year old girl with a big dream, being a pop star! She competes on the X-Factor to make her dream come true.She also has a little sister named Faith, she is two years younger than her... She meets a lovely guy while her sister is in the competition! Their mother hits them and hurt them constantly, but she hides a big secret of her past... Also, their father abandoned them when Nathalie was 10...
While Nathalie's on the competition she makes a new friend! But, is she falling for him? Is he falling for her? Or are both falling for each other?
Nathalie, Faith, and their big brother Louis, will find the way to solve their problems, and they will also find love where they don't think!
Right now the Movella doesn't include any mature content, but then some dirty scenes may appear... So, we better rate it.


6. Date

"Woah, whoa, whoah... slow down... What did you just say?" 
"Oh, that I have a boyfriend, wanna see him?" She left her eye brows up and down, while searching for her phone in her pocket.
"I don't have time for your games, Faith, I know he's fake!" I stood up "Now if you excuse me, I have a date" I walked away
I was walking to StarBucks, lost in my thoughts when I suddenly bumped into someone and fell
"Oh I'm so sorry" I stood up
"Don't worry, it was my fault" He said, his voice was new to me "Hey, do I know you?" 

"Well, it can be... I'm Nathalie Washington, an 'X-Factor' Participant"
"Oh yeah! Your voice is incredible!"
"Oh, thank you, I'm flattered"

"No problem, oh by the way my name is N.... James" He smiled "See you around" He walked away with his books, he was about sixteen, blonde hair, pretty eyes, but just not my type..
I walked to StarBucks and saw through the glass a curly haired boy "Harry" I whispered 

Harry received me with a big smile; he got closer...

"Hey, you look awesome today", he said pulling me into a hug.

"Thanks, it's so sweet coming from you", I smiled, I really liked Harry in some way.

"Let's go to the table, I already ordered something I think you'll like", he got separated from the hug, and he took my hand to then take me to the table to open my chair.
"Thanks... what is this?" I said sitting down and looking at the beverages on the table

"What do you think it is?" He sat in front of me"

"A Cappuccino, perhaps?" I smelled the drink
"I know you so well..." He smiled and handed me the cup
We started to talk, mostly about our lives after all these years, and about how are sisters were... and since we got up this morning. When I saw my watch it was 12:30 already, so Harry offered himself to take me home, by foot of course! And I accepted.

Harry was really nice today! When we got home, Fay opened.

"Hey Nat! Bye Harry!", she pulled me in and closed the door on Harry's face.

"Faith!", I opened the door and found Harry touching his nose...

"Auch...", he laughed

"Haha, are you ok?", I asked with amability.

"Yes, I am, thanks..", he answered with a big smile while showing his dimples.

"You sure? You can come in and I'll bring you some ice", I really wanted to help him, I didn't like how Fay was jealous of every boy has ever seen me...

"Yes, I am... I'm okay" He stopped rubbing his nose, but it suddenly started to bleed

"Harry! It's bleeding come on in!" I ran for some Paper towel and then for some ice, when I came back he was sat on a chair with a napkin. "Oh dear!" I gasped and cleaned his delicate nose with the paper carefully then put the ice pack on it 
"Thank you, Nathalie.. you're the same Nat I liked" He smiled and suddenly got closer to give me a nice sweet kiss
I suddenly didn't knew what to do... I freezed, but then I followed his kiss. Fay was astonished about what was happening, next, Liam came downstairs and was in shock too... I got separated from Harry's lips and smiled at him.
"I love you.... Would you make me the honour of being my girlfriend?", Harry kneeled and showed me a beautiful promise ring.
"Aww, Harry, of course yes! But first, let me help you with that nose", I laughed and put the ice on his nose.
"I don't care about my nose! I just want to tell the world that you're my Girlfriend!" He smiled wide even tho his nose was still bleeding badly
"Harry!" I laughed "You'll do it after your nose is healed" I smiled cutely making him feel calmed 

"Okay, okay" He smiled happily " I love you" He whispered again

"I love you too, Harry", I said smiling while I was healing his nose.
"Are you ok?", Fay whispered to the astonished Liam on the stairs.
"I love you from infinity and beyond", Harry smiled and then kissed me after his nose stopped bleeding In that moment Aunt Mary was coming down
"God! I'll see you later guys" Fay said and ran upstairs

"What happened?" Aunt Mary got closer to us

"Oh... Hi aunt Mary... this is Harry... my boyfriend" I smiled at him, and his face lighted up

"Hello, Harry! Nice to meet you! I'm Mary" She smiled showing her non perfect teeth  

"Hello Mary, nice to meet you too" He smiled showing his perfect teeth

"Well... I think your nose is healed" I looked at the stairs and noticed Liam and Fay weren't there any more

"Thank you very much Nata, I can call you like that.. right? I mean it's original" He smiled shyly

"Haha, sure babe", I smiled a while blushing

-Upstairs (Fay's POV)-

"Are you alright?", I asked Liam again... He didn't expect what was going on downstairs... The weird thing is that he has a girlfriend, why is he looking at my sister then? Anyway, may be he felt like that kiss came without us expecting it, not even Nat expected it!
"What?" He was in his world

"Are you alright?" I said clearly

"Never been better" He smiled, took his jacket and walked outside

"This doesn't look and sound good..." I bit one of my nails


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