'Un'Lucky 13

Outgoing Cody lives in a small town but when her mum gets a job in London she has to deal with moving to a different environment, making new friends and dealing with heartbreak.


2. The worst day...

Hi Cian,

I am done with school. I am done with my meant to be friends. Ok so today at school my best (and at the moment only) friend Dylan told me my ex friend told everyone about my Dad. I mean I told a few people but it's really not the kind of thing you want everyone knowing. Ugh I'm so sick of them. Anyway today some post came in the mail for me. A massive parcel and a card from my Dad, which is basically what started all this mess. He gave me a guitar. Light brown acoustic with a black mark on it. And then the best present ever(.) In the card there was a photo of my dad and his new family. And then there was a sonogram picture on the back and it said your new sister. Whatever I've given up with all his drama. And he had given up with me apart from a birthday card, birthday presents and Christmas presents. I haven't seen him since I was 8 but my mum and I are fine on our own. She has boyfriends occasionally but none of them last very long. Most of her boyfriends last a few weeks, half a year max. But we don't need another person in our family. Mum and I are fine in our little flat. We moved into a flat after my dad left. We were running out of money so we had to move out of our large house to a small flat. We struggle with money. The money my mum gets from her job pays all the bills. And the money my dad has to give us pays for food and things. We shop at charity shops to get clothes and we ask my gran for money if we need more money for things but we try not to do that. Ok well it's late. I gotta go.

Cody x

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