'Un'Lucky 13

Outgoing Cody lives in a small town but when her mum gets a job in London she has to deal with moving to a different environment, making new friends and dealing with heartbreak.


1. The first day...

Dear Cian,

Hi I'm Cody and yes I'm a girl. I don't know why I'm called Cody whenever I ask my mum she starts this long story so I think it's best to not ask. I have just turned 13 and that's why I have this diary type thing. I wanted a new phone but I suppose my mum didn't like that idea. Anyway I have decided to name my diary. Anne Frank did it so why can't I? I decided to call you Cian it means distant so Cian is appropriate. My mum says I should vent in this book so I decided to to make her happy. I figured I should spend the first page or so telling you about myself. So here goes. Um I'm half Irish on my Mum's side. Half English on my Dad's side. I live in a small seaside town in England with my mum. My Dad lives in America with his wife and their child. Ok so telling you about myself is starting to make myself upset again.

See you tomorrow. 

Cody x

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