'Un'Lucky 13

Outgoing Cody lives in a small town but when her mum gets a job in London she has to deal with moving to a different environment, making new friends and dealing with heartbreak.


4. Moving Day


Wow my last entry was short. Yesterday we moved into the new flat. It's massive like seriously massive. It has two floors and it's in the center of London overlooking Hyde Park. It feels weird being in such a big flat after the shoe box we lived in before but Mum and I will soon adjust. Dylan took the news fine. She said that it was good for me to move because of all the drama and the gossip at my old school. She said I have to see her when I can and she's coming to London at the weekend to help me unpack and I'm going to need all the help I can get. My room is a mess. It's amazing, but a mess. And my mum said we can go shopping. She's taking some money out my savings. I don't know there was any money in there but she's given me £100 to go shopping with Dylan. Sort of like a leaving party but I already left?

Cody x

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