Will You Forget Me?

Angela is a girl who was born in the U.S but moved to England when she was 16. Her parents are Colombian so she knows a lot of Spanish. She moved to a town called Bradford, England and went to Tong High School and met Zayn Malik. Not many people were being nice to her because of her mixed background but Zayn understood her but he then later auditions on the X Factor. What will happen with them? Will Zayn forget her?


3. Morning! First Day of School.

"Sis, wake up!" yelled my sister. "What do you want Nicole?" I groaned. "Its time for school get up and take a shower!" Then I remembered I had to get ready and look nice to make a good first impression! I got up, told my sister to get ready, and took a shower. I put black jeans, floral collar blouse, and black shoes.* I curled my long black hair and went downstairs to eat breakfast. I ate some cereal and then my mom dropped of my sister and we went and took her to class. Then we went to the high school and went to the main office, I got my schedule and said my to my mom. Then as I waited for whoever was going to help me in my classes, there was a super hot guy sitting down and it seems like he was in trouble. "Oh Angela, i'm sorry but the person that was going help you to your classes isn't here... how about... Zayn!" said the office lady. The super hot guy looks up confused and says in the cutest British accent "What why I thought I was in trouble?" "Well, you are and now you have to help her to her classes! Check and see how many classes you have with her." the office lady said annoyed. He looked at me and held out his hand. I was confused and didn't know what to do because I was just staring at him. Then I realized it was the schedule. "Oh, here!" I stumbled passing him the paper. He looked at me weird then smiled. Angela! I cant believe I just did that. I'm so stupid! He probably thinks i'm super weird! "Oh, looks like we have all classes together. Haha, I guess I wouldn't mind taking you to your classes." He got up and said bye to the office lady then headed out I did the same and went after him. "So... your name is Angela right?" he asked looking for a conversation. "Yes and your Zayn?" I asked. "Yup, were are you from? I can tell by your accent that your not from here." "Haha, i'm from this State in the United States called Pennsylvania but I was born in New York and my parents are Colombian." "Oh interesting background! I was born here in Bradford but my dad is from Pakistan and my mum is British." "Really? Cool! You any words in that language?" "How about I teach you later. Were're here to our first class which is history and Mr.Jones doesn't like me but we'll see what he says today." We laughed then Zayn opens the door. Mr.Jones was teaching then he didn't even look and said "Late again Zayn, not surprised" "Hey! This time I have a good excuse, the lady in the office wanted me to bring the new girl to class." explained Zayn. Mr.Jones looked up, felt convinced and said "Oh OK its fine, go take a seat." then he looked at me and said "Whats your name? Tell us about yourself." My face got tomato red, I hate to be in front of a lot of people especially if I don't know them. "Um... My name is Angela Hernandez, I from Pennsylvania, and um... I'm Colombian well, my parents are." Some people in the class smiled, some were just minding there own business, others I could tell they didn't like me, and then there was Zayn staring at me with his big brown eyes. "Interesting, Angela, I'm Mr.Jones and I'm your history teacher. How about you go take a seat." I went straight to the back and sat down I didn't want anyone staring at me.











*If you want to she what she wore here's the link: http://www.polyvore.com/cute_outfit_for_school/set?id=55529505

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