Will You Forget Me?

Angela is a girl who was born in the U.S but moved to England when she was 16. Her parents are Colombian so she knows a lot of Spanish. She moved to a town called Bradford, England and went to Tong High School and met Zayn Malik. Not many people were being nice to her because of her mixed background but Zayn understood her but he then later auditions on the X Factor. What will happen with them? Will Zayn forget her?


2. England

I went to say goodbye to all my friends crying and giving last hugs. My best friend was devastated, she started to cry and said "I'm just going to miss you so much, and your little sister!" "Were going to miss you a ton!" I said sobbing. "Remember to Skype me everyday and tell me how many British boys fall for you!" "Yea and I'll say it in my British accent!" I giggled. We both laughed. Then we said our goodbyes, and left.

~Next Day~

When we woke up the next morning I had no idea what to wear! What if they dress differently in England?! What if its too cold!? Or to hot!? I felt so confused  I also didn't get much sleep because I kept crying. My mom came in and saw me looking at my closet with a very confused look on my face. Then came over and said "Oh yeah I forgot to tell you! I bought you a outfit for when we left!" Then she passed it over. At first I thought it was going to be the worst looking piece of trash, but it was so cute! It was a loose shirt with an England flag on it, red jeans, a pair of navy blue toms, and a pair of red hoop earnings with matching bracelet. "Thanks mom!" I said gleefully as I gave her a hug. Then I took a shower, got dressed, put on some mascara, brush my long black hair, and be super happy with my outfit. Then we went to the airport really early and went on the next flight to England. As I looked out the window, once were in flight, I saw my little town slowly drift away. Tears went down my cheeks and I just tried to think about something else. My sister looked at me sad. "I'm going to miss home and my friends." She said I held her hand and said "Me too."About seven hours later we arrive. It was a totally different time! It is like a six hour difference! I was kind of drowsy but I got over it because of the sights in Bradford England! Everything looked the same but different! And I liked it! Their were a lot of old looking buildings but it was nice! Next thing you know we pull up on our new home. I was pretty excited to see how it looks like so, I hopped right out of the car and went to the door. "Haha, look who went from sad to super happy in one minute!" "I wanna see, I wanna see!" yelled my sister. My dad said laughing at us, "Girls, wait a second let me get the keys!" He came over and opened the door to the big brick house. I went in and it smelled new! I walked inside saw the living room, kitchen, dining room, a bathroom, and a closet. Then I went upstairs and said "I CALL DIBS ON THE BIGGER ROOM, NICOLE!" I saw the play room, a bed room, another bedroom, master bed room, two bathrooms, and closets. "No fair!" Nicole yelled as she trudged up the stairs. I like it, simple but effective. I thought. "ANGELA, GET YOUR SUIT CASE AND PUT YOUR CLOTHES IN YOUR CLOSET!" My mom yelled. "Ugh, OK COMING!" I yelled back. I picked my room and felt good with it and started to fix my clothes.

~Next Day~

I woke up on the floor with some jeans as my pillow and my shirts as my blanket. "AHHH!" I screamed. "Where the hell-oh yeah!" My dad came rushing in, it looks like he just woke up to. "What happened?!!" My dad said worriedly. "Oh sorry, I just screamed because I had forgotten where I was." "Oh. Well you worried me!" exclaimed my dad. It was Sunday and we got some of our stuff and fixed it around the house. I went out to go get my box of clothes and then I see this super cute curly haired boy caring some of the boxes. Finally! A cute British boy! Yay! Omg, I haven't even brushed my hair! I tried to straighten some of my hair with my hands then pretended like I didn't notice him and try to carry some boxes inside my house but kept stumbling, but he obviously noticed. "Do you need some help with those boxes?" He asked with the cutest-slow-British accent. "Um yea, can you help me take that one too my room? I said pointing to a box. "Haha, your not from here are you?" He said picking up the box. "No, I'm from the U.S why?" I asked "Because your accent! Haha you sound so American!" We both went upstairs laughing about accents and things you say in England and things you say in America. Then we fixed some things in my room while we talked about school. BEEP! BEEP! We heard a car beeping outside and he said quickly "I have to go!" "Wait I don't even know your name! I'm Angela Hernandez." I said not wanting him to leave. "Oh yes sorry, I'm Harry Styles. Well I got to get going see you around!" "Bye!" I waved. Omg he was so cute! I thought I hope I can see him again. "Angela come downstairs we are going to go eat! Yelled my mom. I went downstairs and realized we didn't even have food so we went out to eat and grocery shopping. While we were in the car my sister said "Mommy! Guess what?" "What honey?" asked my mom not that interested. "Angela has a boyfriend now!" "What?!" me and my mom say at the same time. "Yea it was one of the mover guys, and they were talking and kissing in the room!" "No I wasn't, I mean... he was helping me in my room and we were talking but we never kissed... so, shut up Nicole!" "Mommy! Angie told me to shut up!" We kept arguing until we got home. Once I was finally in my bed, I remembered. Ugh! I have school tomorrow! 

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