Will You Forget Me?

Angela is a girl who was born in the U.S but moved to England when she was 16. Her parents are Colombian so she knows a lot of Spanish. She moved to a town called Bradford, England and went to Tong High School and met Zayn Malik. Not many people were being nice to her because of her mixed background but Zayn understood her but he then later auditions on the X Factor. What will happen with them? Will Zayn forget her?


1. Moving?! To England?!

"WHAT?!" I yelled to my parents as they told me we were moving to England. "But-but I don't understand, WHY?!" I stuttered as I was about to cry. "Angela Honey, I know this is a very big difference but your dad got a job over their and we are going to have to move." said my mom with her hopeful voice, even though it seemed like she was pretty hurt and shocked. I have never really moved before, so I felt pretty scared especially since it was a different country. "C'mon Angelita, you will get to meet knew people, be in new surroundings, you always said you wanted to go to England, and even your sister is happy!" My dad said as he tried to lift up my spirits." I looked at my little sister, she was 6 years old and she didn't look like she really wanted to move but she just went with the flow, I guess. But I don't want to move! I screamed in my thoughts,  well I guess its OK to be in new places, I mean that's the whole point of growing up. ANGELA WHAT ARE U THINKING? My other thoughts interrupted, I cant move! Why England out of all places?! I felt real bad inside, but what was going to happen was going to happen. "Um... I guess its OK?... So when are we going to move?" I asked. My parents exchanged looks. "Um...Tomorrow...but we already have everything packed so..." "WHAT?!" I interrupted. This was officially the worst day ever. 

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