who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


85. why do things have to be complicated

Liam's point of view

so when I was going to nandos, I got chased by fans, when I got to nandos I was dragged in the alley near it, I thought it was another fan, but it wasn't, it was Danielle, "thank you, you saved me" I smiled at her, "no problem" she smiled back, "what you doing here" she asked, "getting nandos, but got mobbed on the way" I smiled, "oh right" she replied, after a while talking  "Liam, can i tell you something" she asked, "yeah, what is it" I replied, "actually, no, can I show you" she asked, "go on then" I said, "bend your head then" she asked, I was confused but did so.......

she then kissed me, passionately,  I decided to wait to see if there was sparks, no there wasn't I pulled away, "Danielle, what was that for" I asked shocked, "I still love you Liam, I thought I loved the other guy, but no, I love you" she sighed, "I don't love you" I replied, she looked hurt, "im sorry, im in love with Darcy now, me and you we are history" I said softly, she started tearing up, she suddenly then turned and hit me, "Danielle" I yelled, holding my face where she hit me, her nails made scratch marks on her, "Liam you will do what I say, dump Darcy, go back to me, and nobody gets hurt" she spat.

"whats happened to you, you're not the Danielle i remember, and you have a kid" I said, as she took another swipe at my face, "I mean it Liam dump Darcy and come to me, and she wont get hurt" she threatened, "what do you mean" I asked, "she will get hurt if you don't do what I say, she will end up in hospital, maybe worse" she spat, my heart sank, I cant do that to her, she's nothing to do with this, why was I so stupid to like Danielle in the first place, I sighed but agreed and got the nandos.

when i got back to Darcy's house and walked through the front door, everyone looked at me, where was Darcy and Harry "whats up guys" I asked, "where have you just been" Zayn asked, "I went nandos" I replied, "and what was you doing" Louis asked, "getting food" I asked confused, "not from what Darcy saw" Harry interrupted coming through the door, "what" I asked, "yes, she saw you and Danielle kissing, she was going to...uuuuhhh......give you a hand" Harry said, "oh right, its a good job you and Darcy arnt really together" Harry added, "so are you and Danielle a couple" Niall asked, "uhhhhh.y y y yeah" I stuttered,  can't believe that I just said that, they all gasped.

"what" they all said shocked, "you do know you'll have to tell the fans" Zayn stated, i nodded, "do you like her" they asked, I nodded slowly, "where's Darcy anyway" I asked, "well, she's uhhh...having a shower" Harry slurred, he's acting weird, I shrugged it off, ay well, must be me. "how you going to tell the fans" Niall asked, "ill tell them, ill say that Darcy and I split up and then I got back with Danielle" I replied, saying her name made me want to vomit.

so then Darcy came down, "you ok" I asked, she nodded, "uhh...so you saw Danielle and me" I asked, "yep, and I heard everything, I think it's cute you and Danielle are back together" she smiled, "really" I asked, she nodded, ughh, if only she knew I was doing it for her, the only thing im looking forward to this so called relationship is playing with Jodie, I hate myself for saying yes, I should've told Darcy i loved her when I had the chance I thought to myself.

so I took to twitter, and my mentions we're of me and Danielle tagged in, I looked at her twitter and she had already announced it, her tweet read 'Liam and Darcy have split up, and Liam and I are back together, just letting you all know :)' the witch, I could call her something else, but im more mature than that, loads of people we're going mad about the relationship, the fans really did like Darcy, then one tweet caught my eye

'there's something off about this here @Real_Liam_Payne loved Darcy, cmon on guys, Liam wouldn't just move on that quick, there's something not quite right, and I don't like it :/' see some fans know me better than I know myself, I followed her and DMed her this.....'thank you, you are correct, there is something not right, I cant say, but it will come out, the truth always does, I love your kind of fans, someone who believes me, ps please don't show this t anyone, everything will come out in the end, I promise :)' and so I logged off twitter and went in the room with the others. which was awkward, why do things have to be so complicated.

sorry this is late, was doing homework, sigh, I hate homework, who doesn't :) anyway at least i've post it. ps I hope you guys know that this is no hate towards Danielle, I love her and Liam, its just for the story :)

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