who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


17. whos sleeping where

Liam's point of view

there was only one double bed up when we got into Harry's room, "where are we all going to all sleep Harry" Niall asked, "right we have a double airbed in Gemma's room so two can sleep there, I never even thought this true to be honest" Harry admitted, everyone laughed, "so thats four people sorted, what about the other two" Zayn added, "ummmm....... well.....uhhhh.......oh wait yea, we have a spare room with one double bed, either way Darcy your going to either have to stay with one of us, or on the couch downstairs which my mum wont allow because its uncomfortable coz she had to sleep there one night and she felt paralysed for a whole day, so youll have to sleep with one of us" Harry explained, "are you sure I cant stay on the couch" Darcy asked, "ok then if you dont believe me ill ask my mum" Harry grinned.

"mum, can Darcy sleep on the couch" he shouted, "no Harold you know its way to uncomfortable I actually thought I was going to be paralysed, your not going to really chuck Darcy on the couch are you, she has Liam" Anne replied, and there it is, I was correct, not that I mind, but I know Darcy will, "I know was just kidding, I wanted to see if you had the same reaction as you did last time I asked" Harry said, "ok you got me, have a good sleep everyone" Anne shouted up, "same to you" we all said back, "see what did I tell you" Harry said, everyone laughed, "alright smarty pants" Darcy sniggered, "well my mum brought it up, that you two are supposed to be a couple, so are you sleeping together" Harry said, instantly laughing after realizing what he said, eveyone laughed apart from Darcy and me.

"what it was funny" Niall shrugged, then all of a sudden Darcy started laughing, "what are you laughing at" I asked smirking, "Niall has got a point, even though it was about us it was pretty funny, yes Im immature" she said laughing again, then I started laughing, "so whos sleeping where" Zayn asked impatiently "chill mate" Niall giggled. "why dont we just sleep with the person we did at the hotel ages ago when there was only 3 beds then" Louis suggested, "great idea Louis, but do you Liam and Darcy want to" Niall asked consideratly, "uhhhh" Darcy said as she looked at me, "its upto you" Harry asked, "I dont mind, but its upto Darcy" I said, damn what did I just say, "ok then, I dont mind either" Darcy said shyly.

"ok then thats settled, Zayn and Niall, Louis and me and Liam and Darcy, any problems" Harry asked, "yes just one" Zayn chuckled, "whos getting the spare bedroom" he added, "oh yea" Harry said, "me and Zayn will go in if you want us to" Niall said, "ok, are you sure" Harry asked, "yea course, we know we snore so it will be good for you guys" Zayn said, "ok then" Harry said, "we'll go now, so bye guys have a good night, sweet dreams and no funny business any of you" Zayn winked, we all sarcastically laughed and they went.

"you two can have the bed if you want" Harry said, "no you can, its your bed Hazza" I stated, "but that wouldnt be a very good host now will it" Harry laughed, "but it is your bed" Darcy spoke up, "ok then" Harry said and we all blew up the airbed with the pump, after about 5 minutes it was fully up, "Liam try it" Harry said, "no why dont you" I said giggling, "no you" Louis said, "no you" I said to Louis, " of for heavens sake ill try it" Darcy said, everyone laughed, she got on it "ooo this is comfy" she said, "really" Harry said, "very" Darcy replied, we all smiled, "now go on Liam" Louis smirked, so I got on, but i tripped and fell right on top of Darcy, suddely the door opened, great, "Harry can we borr...... wow we come at a wrong time, wow" Niall said bursting into laughter, I got up of a shocked Darcy, embarassed, "Niall I tripped before you say anything" I said blushing, Niall continued to laugh along with Louis and Harry, Darcy was still shocked, "sorry" I said to her, "its fine, its not your fault" she said

"what did you want Niall" I snapped, "we just needed some more pillows" Niall said still laughing, "here you go" Harry said finally stopping laughing, and with that Niall left, "now try and get on without tripping this time" Louis said, trying to keep in his laughter, so i did and this time I was fine, I dragged the quilt up towards up, I made sure Darcy had some to"thank you" Darcy smiled, "your welcome" I smiled back, "awwww" Louis and Harry said,  "right goodnight guys" Louis said, "goodnight everyone" Darcy said, "goodnight" Harry and i said in unison, and with that we all went to sleep.

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