who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


79. whats happening

Danielle's point of view

Jodie just ran into that house, i didn't know who's it was, so I knocked on the door, I sighed, i didn't want to, I felt really weird going upto a stranger and say 'oh please can i have my child back, she ran to this house for some reason, so please can i have her back' oh yeah, sounds normal, but to get my daughter back i had to, so I walked slowly to the door, hesitantly I finally perked up the courage to do so, and I knocked.

so someone opened the door, I looked to see the Darcy girl, the one that Liam was going out with, 'perfect' I thought, because i knew i still had feelings for Liam, I was jealous of Darcy, I know, I uhh, cheated on him, (no hate towards Danielle, and I hate putting it, but its only for the story, I keep repeating it just so you know) but I thought I liked the guy I am with now, but I realize, I still like Liam, I think. so she opened the door, i smiled, i suppose she does seem nice and she treats him right.

"hello" she smiled, "hey, I believe my child ran in this house" I said, "the kid Jodie right" she asked, I nodded, "well come in then" she said, "thanks" I replied and stepped in the house, "hey" the guys greeted, "hey" I smiled back, "mummy, please don't make me go back to daddy" tears falling down her cheeks, the truth is, my boyfriend, Jodie's dad, hit me, he never hurts her, but he hurts me, and Jodie's seen it, only once, that's why she was crying, this was the first time she's seen him like this, but the truth is, its not the first time.

"im sorry sweetie but we have to" I said softly, she clung to Liam as he wrapped his arms around her, "no, please mummy" she sobbed. the others took pity on her, "babe, we have to, he didn't mean it" I said, trying to cover the tracks, I didn't want anyone knowing, no - one at all, "he didn't mean what" Liam asked curiously, "not now Liam" I sighed, "Leeyyuuummm pwease don't make me go" she said, it broke my heart, he really did scare her, "you have to babe, im not your dad, your mummy is in charge of you and I cant say no" he replied softly.

she calmed down a little, "come on Jodie" I said, she looked at Liam, she gave him a hug, and a kiss, she gave Darcy a hug and a kiss to, and we went. Jodie still sobbing. I saw the paps around, for crying out loud, they annoy me a little. im not even involved with Liam anymore and still, the paps seemed to be there, following me, us. sigh. and so I took Jodie home, so when we got in, Sam was there, "Jodie" he said smiling.

she cowered towards me, I don't blame her to be honest, id be scared to, all that I did was look around for the shopping, and then I drop something, he trips over it, falls to the floor, Jodie was looking around, her back was too us at first, and then he got angry, and hit me, Jodie must've heard the hits, and came screaming at him and hugged me, she had just saved me from getting kicked, hard, I already had bruises all over me.

and I mean, if I left him, he would come to get me, get whoever my next boyfriend is, where ever I go, "im sorry for before, it was work stressing me out, im sorry, do you forgive me" he said, bottom lip down, "are you sure, and it'll never happen again" she said, between sobs, "yeah" he replied, she chuckled a little, "are we still friends" he asked, "yeahhh" she said hugging him, he was a good father, I give him that, but a bad boyfriend. I need to sort what's happening with my life.

Liam's point of view

wow that was unexpected, "I wonder what Danielle meant by, he didn't mean it" Zayn spoke up, "exactly what I was thinking" I said, "and what's happening" Harry spoke up, "yeah, and why was Jodie so upset" Louis added, we nodded "but we shouldn't go round poking our noses in anyone else business unless we know something is wrong, she could have meant that he didn't mean to stand on her toe, or take her sweets, or something like that" I responded, "that is true, we're just being stupid" they all agreed, she was right, if there was something wrong, Danielle would tell us. so we all left it and continued, I looked at Darcy, she looked like she was thinking though. whats happening.

I wonder what. and so we all watched TV together, Jeremy Kyle was the thing we was watching, this episode a woman had a child but was getting beat up by this man, she felt like she couldn't turn to anyone, she was protecting the child, and she didn't want to leave this man just in case if he hurt her, so they came on the show to see if things could be sorted out. it was sad to see these sort of things happen, at around 11 pm I suddenly felt tired, and we all nodded of to sleep

sorry I didn't update yesterday, my cousin had a baby and I went to see the baby, I hope you guys are ok with it, im sorry, whenever I don't update, it means something is happening, an event, or just  got lots of homework, luckily the last one hasn't happened yet haha, but I will NEVER not update if there's nothing on, and ive decided to extend it I hope you all want this :)

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