who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


49. walk

Still Darcy's point of view

the next morning I woke up, Looked at my phone and saw a missed call of Liam, I rang back, "hello" he answered, "hello" I replied, "oh Darcy, I needed to talk to you, about yesterday" he said, I was confused, "what about yesterday" I asked, "well, when we was speaking to Danielle" he replied, "what about it" I continued to ask, "you do know theres nothing going on between us and that I dont like her anymore" he said, "Liam, you can like whoever you want, I dont own you" I giggled, it hurt me to say it but I had to, "I know, but I dont, I just needed you to know that's all" he stated, "why" I asked, I was so confused by the conversation."coz if the press saw Danielle and me they'd twist it and say I was cheating on you, so I was just making it clear" he said, "oh alright" I giggled.

"do you fancy a walk later, we have the day off and Harry's in his home town, Zayn is with Perrie, Niall is with Demi in his hometown, Louis is in his hometown, and I cant go home coz my mum sisters or dad are on holiday, so I was just uhhh....wondering if you would like a walk" he asked, Liam has defiantly flipped, but I wont say know, gives me a chance to be alone with him, "yea if you want to" I replied, screaming yes inside, "oh right great ill come for you about 6" he replied, "alright then" I said, "your welcome, see you later, bye" and with that we hung up, yessss, i was going out with Liam, for the first time without the boys, whattttt, wait, im going out with Liam, its only just sank in, great that means my feelings will expand more, ahhhhh.

at 5 o clock I decided to get ready, put some jeans and my best top on, along with some perfume, at 5:30 I was ready, I just had to brush and clip my hair up, I reached in my drawer to get my clips then I saw the note again, I re read it, who is Anne Cox, why have I heard of her before, Connie or Martin never mentioned her, so why have I heard of her, ahhhh, this is killing my brains, and why dont they know my dads name, or if I have any siblings, ahhhh, I just want to find my parents, should i ask Liam if he's heard of her, no, he wouldn't have, why would he, ay well.

6 pm came and there was a knock on the door, I opened it and there stood a very handsome, distinguished Liam Payne, gosh, why did he do this to me, he's trying to kill me, "hey" he said, "hey" I replied, "shall we go now" he asked, "yes we shall" I giggled, and so we stepped out into the city of London, "where are we going then" I asked Liam, "where ever our feet take us" he smiled, I chuckled, "alright then" I replied. "this is the first time we've actually been alone outside" I added. "oh yea, I forgot, at least fans will think we're going out then" he smiled. "yea, which is good" I said.

"so Liam, do you actually still have feelings for Danielle" I asked curiously, "no I dont, and that's the truth, I did when we broke up and a couple of months after, she was my first proper relationship, i couldn't get over her that easily, it took a while, but she had moved on, and after a while my feelings faded which I was glad about" he said, "I hope you dont mind me asking things" I asked worriedly, "no not at all, you and the guys are the only ones ide tell though" he smiled, "aww Liam" I smiled back, "so you've never had a boyfriend then" he questioned, "nope" I smiled, "I hope you dont mind me asking questions either" he asked, "nope not at all, its same what you said, you guys and Hope are the only people i'de tell" I smiled.

"has anyone asked you out" he asked, "yep, but they we're jerks, like they jump from girl to girl, things like that, I hate that" I replied, "same" he smiled, hes such a lovely guy, we was just talking for a while about our pasts, suddenly I saw the paps in the bushes, Liam interlocked his hand in mine, they didn't know we'd seen them, we walked hand in hand to where the big wheel was, we looked there for a while, we still saw the paps, Liam then decided to put his arm around me and hug me while we looked at the lights in the city. we walked for 3 hours hand in hand walking round London.

he then turned around and cupped his hands around mine and kissed me, we hadn't kissed in a month, it sent my stomach spinning, my heart pounding and sparks flying, I then wrapped my arms around his shoulder and kissed back, I deepened the kiss, I wanted to, but the main purpose was to show the paps we we're so called a proper couple, when we parted I spotted a bench, "do you want to sit for a bit" I smiled, "yep yep yep" Liam said enthusiastically, I giggled, and so we sat on the bench, I decided to lean on his shoulder to make it more realistic, he wrapped his arms around me, it was so romantic, and so good, i just wished it was so real.

after about half an hour sitting down talking more we decided to go back, it was 11 o clock, so we walked home, paps still following us, when we arrived at my house we stopped and talked for a little, he then whispered in my ear, "in a bit you will hear words that you wont probably want to hear, you've never heard me say this, this is just so the paps believe where really going out so dont be freaked out when i say them" he whispered, I was so confused, we talked about the night and then he said, "I love you Darcy" that's what he meant, i did want to hear them words, but i wanted it to be real, I looked at him and smiled, he smiled back, he heard a little gasp from the paps, "I love you to Liam" I smiled, he smiled back, he gave me another kiss, we said goodbye and left

thank you so much everyone for reading this, honestly I love writing this movella, all of you are so nice who comment, thank you, I hope your liking the story so far :)

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