who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


8. the rest of the day/night

"right who sleeping where" Liam asked, "im having this one I dont care who sleeps here with me but im having this one" Niall yelled as it had a bowl of sweets next to it, well laughed, "i dont care either, your all my best friends" Harry said, "awww herrehhh" Louis said again, everyone laughed, "right who snores" Zayn asked, "Niall and you Zayn" Harry replied, "well we can sleep in the same bed then, and you and Louis can" Zayn stated, "awww" Louis said, "Louis, Harry, which bed do you want" Liam asked, "this one" Harry said pointing to the one near the window, "ok" he said, "so we get the one in the middle" Liam said, I nodded, "aww you two would be so cute together" Louis teased, I blushed and Liam laughed,.

just then Paul knocked on the door "do you want to  order room service, or go down for something to eat" Paul asked, "go out for something" Niall ordered, everyone laughed and Paul agreed "ok then, meet outside the restaurant downstairs at 7 pm" Paul said, we all nodded and Paul left, "what time is it now" Zayn asked, "3pm" Harry replied, "so what are we going to do for 4 hours" Zayn moaned, "ummm...." everyone thought" "I know" Louis spoke up, "everyone, get on the bed you are sleeping on,simply because its easier" he added, so we all did what he said, obviously I had to sit next to Liam, "so now, what we are going to do is, because our guest only knows what the fans know, we all have to say a secret that the others may or may not know, but the fans dont, if you want to anyway" Louis said, "yeahhhhh buddy, good one mate" Niall complimented, "thank you buddy" Louis said, patting him on the back, "so whos starting" Harry asked, "lets go it age order" Liam said, "sorry Hazza" he added, "its fine"

so Louis started "I still love Eleanor" he said, everyone awwwed, Harry patted him on the shoulder, "next" Louis said, "I have a thing for when girls rub their against theirs petending to be a cat" he said, everyone giggled, "aww Zayn cute" Niall said, "Liam your next" I said, "I like it when your sat down then a girl, whether your with them or not, comes behind and hugs you from the back" he said, "awwwwww" eveyone said, "I miss Danielle doing that, I dont miss her though" he said, so I got up went behind him and gave him a hug like he discribed "you mean like this" I said smiling, "exactly like that" he smiled back, "awwwww" everyone said again, and so we continued, "Niall" Liam said, "I dont like it when anyone calls themself, if I hear them, if they was in reach, I would hug them and tell the their not then give them a hug" he said, awwwww's filled the room again, "Harry" Louis said, "people think im a womaniser, but im not, they dont see what goes on other than what the paps get, I take them to do something romantic, half of the women the papers say ive been out with arnt true, ive only been out with 3 people since the x factor, Caroline, Lucy and Taylor" he replied, I walked over to him a gave him a hug, "most people know Harry anyway, only the hater believe that" I said smiling, "thanks" he smiled. and so I got back to my seat

"now you Darcy" Liam smiled, "ok then, ive never had a boyfriend along with im very insecure" I admitted, "awwwww really, theres no need to be" Liam said and hugged me, "thanks but I am" I hugged back, "awwwww" everyone said, "Ive just thought, everyone has said something personal, we never said personal" Zayn giggled, "oh yea, we must trust each other" Niall said, "well we do anyway, but Darcy must trust us and we must trust her" Harry smiled, I nodded, "time is it" Niall asked, "4:45" Liam said everyone sighed, "lets play sherades" so we did, "its 6:45 guys" I yelled, "alright lets go, wooo" Niall said excitedly

so we all went to the restaurant, Paul came after 5 minutes with Preston and the security, we all ordered and talked for a while, I got to know Paul and the others, they said that Lou, Lux and Tom was coming tomorrow, and that were staying here for a bit, then going to each one of their houses, when we got our meal we ate and at 8:30 we had all finished, "right, now you can go do whatever you want, I will wake you at 11 am tomorrow and we can go to the pool and Darcy can meet, Lou, Lux and Tom, everyone cheered.

so we all went upto the room and sat down, "ive brought films, anyone wanna watch them" Niall asked, "yeahhh" everyone said, "what films you got" I asked, and we  all decided on Love actually because thats Harry's and mines favourite film, so we watched it sat in our beds with the quilt over us watching the tv that was on the wall in front of us, I was cold so I cuddled up to the quilt as much as I could, I suddenly felt some warm skin touch mine as Liam and me leaned back at the same time, "your arms are cold" Liam whispeed, "are you cold" I shook my head, I didnt want to cause any trouble, after 10 minutes, Liam asked whispering again, again I shook my head, "you are" he whispered and got up, "who opened the window" he asked, "me, why" Zayn said "coz Darcy's cold" Liam said, "im sorry love" he apologised, "its fine" I said, Liam sat back down after shutting the window.

I was still cold half an hour later, I started shivering quietly, suddenly I felt an arm wrap around me, I looked and saw Liam, he smiled nervously, I smiled back, he pulled me close to him and tightened the quilt around me, his arms we so soft and warm, "thanks" I whispered, "no problem" he whispered back, I smiled, my head suddenly went floppy I tried to lean it against the bed post, it failed, "are you ok" Liam whispered, I felt his warm breath hit my face, I nodded, "whats up" he asked, "my heads floppy" I giggled, he gave a little chuckle and said, "which way" oh no it was on his side, "your side to be honest" I giggled, "lay your head on my shoulder" he offered, "no, you dont want me to be leaning on you" I said, my heart racing, why, I dont like him, I barely know him, yea obvously he was my fav when I didnt meet them, that was a crush, but I want to but I dont want him to feel pressured, "no go on, its not like it means anything" he said, ouch, that hurt, my heart sank, why, I dont like him, "yea good point" I replied, "you sure" I asked, he nodded, so I did.

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