who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


10. the rest of the day

Darcy's point of view

are they nuts, me, acting as Liam's girlfriend, what, its a good job that these boys are nice and their my best friend along side Hope, who text me last night asking how it went, I told her everything that happened, she was so happy, she couldn't wait to join us, her grandad was still very ill so she wasnt joining us anytime soon, what will she say about the Liam's girlfriend thing, ahhh, "now what happens" I asked them, they shrugged, "do a twitcam Liam and in the middle of the twitcam annouce your girlfriend" Harry grinned, Liam nudged him in the arm, "ow" he said rubbing his arm, "your gunna have to do it sometime" Louis grinned, "fine" he said sighing, so he logged on Louis' laptop and logged in twitter, 'anyone want a twitcam? :) ' he tweeted, as per usual he got thousands of tweets saying yes,. so he logged on the twitcam and away it goes.

"hey guys, we've not done a twitcam for ages so we thought we would do one" Niall said, I didnt say anything, 'Hi @Mary_Louis (im making the usernames up, sorry if any of these are yours )' 'oh @Lou_Kevin_Lou the boys and I are in London' Zayn said, ' @ Niallerloveyou wants us to sing last first kiss, come on boys' so they sung' last first kiss', each boy turning around to make sure I was ok, Liam turned around the most, he kept smiling, I kept smiling back of course, when they had sung the song they did a couple more shout outs, and acted like....well like .....One Direction, pushing each other of the couch hitting each other, being lads.

'lads @Daisy_Styles_999 wants to know whos the girl in the back, shes tweeted, 'is the girl the contest winner >:( '" Louis smirked looking at Liam and me, "no actually, now no hate she's lovely, and she's my......." Liam paused, "my" he said again "girlfriend" he finally said, great my heart beated faster than its ever done before" tweets came in I read a few to myself 'shes beautiful Liam' one tweet said, another one said, 'omg Liam you and her are the cutest thing everrrrr :)' 'I love you, but I bet she loves you a lot to, hope shes makes you happy :) ' they were actually sweet, I saw a few negative comments but I ignored them, luckily there was no death threats or people wishing me dead so thats good, they read more tweets, then Niall said, "guys, they want at least for you two to hug" Liam and I looked at each other, he smiled, so did I and we hugged, loads of tweets started coming saying awwwwwww and cute. finally the lads signed of.

as soon as they had signed off, Liam's phone rang again, he answered, "hello Paul.......yea....yea....Niall is hungry" he said as Niall yelled, "yeahhh budddyy" "yeaa......what...no........I dont know if she'll agree to do this......ill ask her" oh no whats he gunna ask, "Darcy" "yes" I said, "Paul wants to know if you you would let me hold your hand while we go to dinner" what does Paul think we are, we are not together, "I dont know, its not just upto me, its upto you if you would hold my hand" I replied, smart move.

"they will" Louis suddenly spoke up, I scoweled at him before bursting into laughter, "its not fair I cant be serious with you" I pouted, "awwww what a shame" he replied, I stuck my tongue out at him, "ok fine, if its ok with Darcy" he said after a few more minutes of talking, I nodded and he said "yeah we'll do it" Liam said, so he was talking a bit more and then finally he put the phone down, it was 6 pm, "Paul wants us to go now to have something to eat" he said with a smile, we all nodded and got our things realizing one thing "guys ive been waring the same clothes  for 2 nights, i dont want to go like this" I moaned, "its alright, borrow some of mine, im the smallest" Niall offered, "thanks are you sure" I replied, he nodded and i took some clothes and got changed, 5 minutes later we all were ready and we went out of the room, "hold hands you two" Harry whispered, so Liam interlocked his hands with mine, suddenly I felt a weird feeling at the pit of my stomach, like sparks, the paps snapped us as we walked, "act more couply please, dont forget its Paul's and the managments skin here" Niall said seriously, so Liam and I kept smiling at each other as we was walking. each step he held my hand a little tighter, I felt a sense of....I dont know......security maybe. Darcy snap out of this, this is fake, I said to myself.

when we arrived at the restaurant it was just Paul there, the others were either ill or hung over, "lovely to see you all and the lovely couple" he smiled, so we ordered I sat in between Liam and Harry, so im sat next to apparently my twin and my so called boyfriend, awkward much, so we ate our tea and it was good to, I was stuffed after that, "I think we should all go for a walk" Niall suggested, we all agreed except Paul who went to his room, so we all got up, paid the bill, I offered to pay but they wouldnt take the money, so we all went outside, the sun was just about to set, suddenly I felt someones fingers interlock in mine, I looked and saw a smiling Liam looking at me, I smiled back and gripped his big, soft, warm smooth hands, Im beggining to question my feelings for Liam, do I actually like him? I was disturbed from my thoughts by screaming fans, "aww you two are so cute, please may I have a picture with you two and then you all" one girl asked politely, Liam looked at me, I nodded and he said "of course" so we did, he wrapped his around my waist and the other girls shoulder. then the others joined in. I still questioned myself, do I really like Liam?

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