who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


69. the party

still Liam's point of view

"cmon guys get up, its partyy time" Harry screamed in our ears, everyone else moaned, he screamed the same thing again and everyone shot up, "alright Harry, we get it" Darcy groaned rubbing her eyes, "its tonight, not now" she added, "so we have to get prepared" Harry replied, "we are prepared Harry" I smiled, "soo" Harry replied, and so we all got up and got ready for tonight, we allcouldnt wait, once we had woke up proper. we waited.

there was a ring of the phone around midday, "hello SImon" I answered, "hello Liam, right tonght you all are going to have seperate rooms, except you and Darcy, and Louis and Hope, for obvious reasons, ill text you all your rooms numbers and that, is that ok" Simon asked, "yep, ill let the guys and girls know, dont forget to text me the numbers and give us the keys when you come" I said, "dont worry" Simon replied and so we went, I explained to all of them what was happening, they all seemed alright with it, Harry had a smirk on his face at the thought f me and his twin sister being together properly.

at 4 o clock sharp there was a knock at the door, "ill get it" Niall said as he ran to the door, he all laughed, "heyy Simon....yep we ar......guys come on, Simon is ready" Niall hollered, "woooooo" we all screeched, and we all ran out to the mini bus Simon had come in, he handed each one of us the set of keys,Darcy and i sat in the back seats, Niall, Lous and Hope sat in the seats in front, then Zayn and Harry was in front of them, then Simon was next to the driveer as we drove there we all sang songs we knew that came on the radio.

when we got there we all set up, and practised more, at 7 o clock the disco started, there was already people a little tipsy by then so there was a few people dancing, Harry tried to get me up to dance, i refused to, Darcy and I just sat quietly, "you want a drink" I asked Darcy as I got up to go to the bar, "yes please, can i have whatever your having please" she smiled, "J20 fine then" I asked, "yep thanks" she smiled again and so I went to the bar, I ordered theothers already had drinks, when she came with our drinks I gave her the money, I had a swig(sip) of mine while I was waiting for the change, "hey" a voice said, i turned around to find an old buddy of mine, "hey Doug hows you" I smiled, "fine what about you" he replied, "fine thanks" I smiled, we talked for a while, "you couldnt mind these two drinks could you why I nip to the little boys room" I asked, "sure" he smiled and so I went.

when i came back we said goodbye and I went to join Darcy who was joined by Hope and Louis, "there you go" I replied handing it to her, "thanks" she smiled, i had a drink of mine, it tasted weird, it was strong, "are you ok Liam" Niall asked me as i pulled a face, "yea, just tangy" I said, they all laughed, then Darcy had a drink, "woow, i see what you mean Liam" she replied, pulling the same face, we all laughed,

at around 9pm me and the boys performed, the audience loved it, at 9:30 pm we had finished, we had pictures with them all, well whoever wanted one, an so the night continued, we kept getting the same drinks throughout the night, to see if any taste different, nope they had that same strong feeling, when I went to the bar, Doug was there talking to me for a bit, id talk to a few of my mates, and Simon as well.

when it hit 11 pm, Darcy and i had headaches, Harry was flirting, Zayn and Niall was dancing, and Louis and Hope, had gone home, Hope didnt feel well so they went to their room, I had a headache and my words became un controlable, "Liam, I love you" Darcy slurred, she was the same, what was that all about, we had J2o's, "I love you to" I slurred back, "come on" she said dragging my hand, both of us groggily and unaware of the world around us, "where are you two going" Niall asked, "we dont feel to well" Darcy replied, "oh right, have a good nights sleep then" he replied, "we will, bye" we replied and so with that, we went to our room,didnt feel well, but i love Darcy. "Liam, I want you" she slurred, "same to you babe" she replied, she shoved me on the bed, then all went blank...............

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