who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


70. the next morning.......

Darcy's point if view

I heard the birds chirping and felt the sun beaming through the windows, ow, I have a humungous headache, but why, I only had J2o's all night, I was drinking the exact same as Liam, but why on earth did I feel sick and a really bad headache, like some sort of hangover, I opened my eyes, the sun beaming in, I discovered that I felt bear, I then let myself wake up, and I then knew I was nude, i then felt someone move at the side of me, and someones bare back touch mine, my heart beated faster, I slowely turned around, centimetres apart from the person and saw the back of what looked like Liam, with a bare back, what, was he nude to, no we cant have, can we, I could feel his bare back on me, alond with his legs, gladly nothing else "Liam" I yelled.

Liam moaned and groaned, but went back to sleep, "Liam, were in the same bed together, and we may have done some thing" I yelled again, he jumped up, the quilt wrapped round him, "ow" he said rubbing his head,  he probably has a headchache to, he turned around to me, "Darcy" he groaned, "yes is me" I sighed,  "I feel bear, please tell me you have clothes on" he said worriedly, "no" I sighed, "you" I replied, "no" he sighed, "do you think we...uhhh....well you know" I asked, "I have no idea, I dont even know how we got here" he said, we stayed down for a bit, talking about what we think has happened and how we feel about the situation, and how scared we are, but then I suddenly felt the urge I needed to be sick, "Liam, get some pants on, i need the quilt" I said, so without hesitation he quickly put some pants on, I went under the quilt why he got changed, i guessed he knew it must be urgent, he may have guessed that I wanted to be sick to  "done" he said, I wrapped the quilt round me and ran to the bathroom, and was sick.

after I had come out I went in the room, "do yyou...uhhh...want something to eat" he asked awkwardly, he had all of his clothes on by now, "yes please" I replied, gving him a little smile, he returned it, "do you like toast" he asked, I nodded, "toast it is" he replied and was just about to walk out the door when suddenly, I was sick, just missing Liam, "sorry" I said apologetically, "its fine" he said, "are you alright" he asked, "I feel rough" I replied, "oh, ill clean this up, get dressed and once I have cleaned it up, ill make us some toast" he said, "no, I cant  let you clean it up" I said, "you can, and you will, now go change" he replied, "thanks" I smiled, he smiled back, I had just got my clothes when, I rushed in the toilet to be sick again.

when i had come out, I looked in the room, and saw Liam had cleaned it up, awww, he's so nice, I must admit, if that did happen, im glad it was him, and no one else, it could've been worst, but why, how we had J2o's no alcohol at all I thought to myself, suddenly a scent of toast came wafting in my nose, it smelt delicious, I went downstairs and saw Liam near the toaster, I looked over at the table and saw a cup of tea, I walked towards him, he must've heard me coz he turned around, "smells good" I smiled, "thanks" he smiled back, well this isnt awkward, why us, if the others knew what we did, then they'd torture us, and also, Harry may give me 'the talk' since he's my twin and all, this should be fun.

"Liam" I said quietly, "yeah" he said quietly back, "about last night....uhhh....what do you actually think happened, and also, how, coz we was on J2o's we feel rough as anything" I said, trying to make it a little less awkward, "I have no idea, my guess is somene spiked it and thought it was funny, and then, well, we must've got drunk of it and well...yeah...you know what probably happened next" he said, saying the last bit quiet, "maybe we'll remember when we get over the hangover" I replied, "maybe" he said, and with that he served us toasts each, the cup of tea was for me, he made himself one after.

an hour past and my headache was going, "umm...Darcy" Liam said, "yea" I replied, "I think I remember what happened" he stuttered, "what" I said, "well I remember talking to my mate Doug a few times, and then i remember, you pulling me, and umm.. you may not believe me, but you told me you love me, I said the same, I remember seeing Niall and we gave him some excuse why we was leaving early, and well, you kinda dragged us, we kissed and yea, that happened" he said scartching his head, I was shocked, I told Liam I love him, and he did the same, then I draged him here, "im sorry Liam" I said, tears rolling down my eyes, he came over to me, centimetres apart, he sweeped his thumb across my cheek, stopping the tears from falling.

"its ok, I guess it was the person who spiked our drinks fault" he said, that comforted me a bit, I opened my arms for a hug, he came closer and hugged me back, I felt safe in his arms, he was my first time, his phone then beeped, we pulled away and he got out his phone, he read the message, "well, some of my story was true" he said, "why" I asked, "Niall's just text saying, how are you feeling, did you and Darcy get up to anything with a winky face" he answered, "umm...what can I say to that" he asked me, "one of these day there probably gunna find out anyway, so may aswel tell  them, even though they are gunna torture us, especially Harry and Louis" I replied, "true, true, i'd rather tell them face to face, so Im gunna say" he said, he text but read our what he was putting.

"feel awful, so does Darcy, someone spiked our drinks last night, not good, will explain the last bit when I see you all" he said, "sound ok" he asked, "yeah" I replied, we put the TV on and put the music channel on, I felt sick again, I then ran upstairs and went to bathroom again, and was sick, again, I then heard a knock on the bathroom door, "are you ok" a concerned Liam asked, "im fine, hangover is still there" I replied, he then came behind me and handed me a glass of water, "here" he said, "thanks Liam, your a lovely person" I replied, "thanks" he said. he stayed upstairs with me until I had finished being sick, we went downstairs and he handed me a hot water bottle, why is he so nice, he flicked through the channel, there was a movie on, it was pitch perfrect, he left it on, in the middle of it, I felt my eye lids going weaker and weaker, soon they shut, and i fell asleep

im so sorry I didnt update yesterday, I went to a wedding, a long chapter to make up for it, by the way did any of you expect this to happen :) did you like it, I hope you did :)

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