who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


31. the next morning

Still Darcy's point of view

I woke up to a knock on the door, I slowly got up wrapped my dressing gown round me, brushed my curly locks and I opened the door, it was the boys all except Liam, which sort of hurt inside, but it made it a little easier, "Darcy, you need to see this" Niall yelled, "whats up" I asked, "you and Liam are all over the newspaper" he said handing me the paper, 'Liam and Darcy over, or was it fake' my eyes widened, "I read it, they say that they saw Liam leaving your house yesterday crying, he phoned us when he left yours, it says the paps heard Liam say to us that ' she wont even be our friend let alone my girlfriend' they must have twisted it" Zayn explained.

"please can you put a stop to in, go on twitter or something, please" Louis pleaded, I sighed and got my phone, 'guys whatever youve read in the newspaper is a load of rubbish, Liam and I were not fake, we really did love each other' first tweet, 'I dont see how people can even think that we was fake, Liam and I have had a disagreement, nothing more than that, it wasnt fake, its the newspapers that are fake' second tweet, 'I just wish people could see that i actually do love Liam, I cant fake love, anyway, how are you all :)' and that was my last, I actually meant what i said, "done" I smiled at the boys, "thank you very much" the boys said relieved, "now Liam has told us youron about leaving us, why" Harry asked sadly.

"I cant cope with hate, im insecure already, you know that" I said, "yea we know, its never stopped you before, your bigger than them in their maturity, you cant let the fans ruin this for you" Niall said, "ruin what, theres no relationship involved, theres friendship, and ill always be your friends, no matter what, you have been the best friends, along with hope. a girl could ever ask for" I said, "they think you do though, plus everyone knows you two care about each other but to stubborn to admit it"  Zayn said, "the fans clearly dont like me if their hating on me, and as for that one, I care about him as a friend, ide do anything for him, like ide do the same for you guys" I replied, hoping it wouldnt get questioned, of course I was wrong.

"you like each other, just admit it, then we wouldnt have to lie, just go out" Louis said, that was wrong I dnt like him, I love him "I dont like him" I said, "do you have to leave us, dont you like us anymore, all we ever did was love you" Niall said in the cutest voice ever, "awww Niall, you know I always fall for that" I moaned, "thats why im doing it" he replied, i pulled a tongue out at him, he did the same, "why do you want me to come with you anyway, ive been trouble, ive made managment get hate" I replied, "Darcy, if you go now, it will not be the same, your one of our best friends, Liam will actually be heart broken, thats why he's actually not here, he's actually really sad, he was used to you holding hands, kissing you doing what normal couples do, he actually got used to it" Zayn said.

this actually tore my heart apart, know he's sad, "he'll get over it, it was fake" I called out, "he treated it like it was real" Harry replied, "anyway, since when did you care so much about a fake relationship" I asked, "since two of our best friends are sad" Louis interupted, "which we know you are sad, and we Know Liam is" Niall replied, "you dont need me" I said, "ok, we've tried to be nice, now, your coming with us whether you like it or not, you and Liam cant live sad, and we will be heartbroken to if you dont come, so your coming" Louis ordered, "Louis you dont need me, im not coming with you" I said, "we do, without you there will be an empty space in our hearts, and we know it will be the same for you to" Zayn said, "im not going" I said, and with that I felt two hands wrap around me body, I then felt two hands wrap around my legs and before I knew it I was being carried out of the house, "alright ill come just put me down" I ordered, they smiled and put me down, i started to run of when I felt more hands wrap around me, "Harry how did you get from there to there" I laughed, "talent" he winked.

he then started to tickle me, I started laughing, "alright, i promise ill come this time" I said "good" he grinned so I went in the car, "hold on, where are we going" I asked, "to Liam" Niall replied, I sighed, "your going to have to fake make up some time" Louis winked, i giggled, before we knew it the paps were behind us, when we got to where Liam was, which was in the studios, the paps stopped us, "so whats happening with you and Liam, Darcy" one asked, i rolled my eyes, " I dont know, if you let us past, I am just going to talk with Liam now, to sort things out" I replied, they kept shoving microphones near my mouth, "leave her alone, she needs to breath" Harry defended me, "were interested in the information" one demanded, "no you need the information for your job" Louis snapped, "Darcy, are you and Liam breaking up" another asked, "I ....." I was cut off, "no, if you let us work things out, now leave her alone, shes a big fan of breathing you know" a voice called, we all turned to see, Liam. we all smiled, "Liam" we all called, he smiled proudly.

we all got in the studios, "there another flipping reason for this happening" I snapped, "we its over now" Niall smiled, I smiled back, "now, were going to leave you two alone, and decide if you want to still pretend your going out, or your breaking up" Niall said, "or you can not pretend, and just go out already" Louis winked, we all laughed, when they left, we heard the paps asking the others questions about us, all i heard was Liam this, Darcy that, and so they all left us, alone, great, my mouth better not let anything slip.

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