who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


9. the morning after

Liam's point of view

when I woke up I found Darcy lying asleep on my shoulder she looked so adorable, what, snap out of it Liam, you dont like her, you dont, I told myself, I looked around and only Louis was up, "awwwww the love birds over there, you are really cute together, ps Paul said no funny buisness remember" Louis winked, "oh shut up Louis, as soon as she wakes up your history" I grinned, "what, you know its true" he grinned, I scowled at him, "I dont like Darcy in that way, by the way, what about Darcy's friend, hope is it, I bet you like her" I replied, he was taken back by that, "I barly even know her" he replied, "yes, same goes for Darcy" I replied, he shut up then, Harry then woke up, "awwwww how cute, you two really should go out" Harry said, "oh not you aswel, I dont like her in that way and thats that" I said, "oooooo" they both said, 15 minutes later Darcy woke up, "morning" Lou, Harry and me said to her "morning" she replied, she looked where she was and said, "oh Liam, im so sorry, i must have fallen asleep, im so sorry" she apologised, "its fine" I laughed, "yea coz he loved it" Louis said, I glared at him.

the others then woke up, *ring ring* my phone rang, I picked it up and said "hello" , "hey Liam, theres something one of you has to do" I gulped, "what is it Paul" I asked, "well, the competition thing has gotten out through the press, the fans are not so pleased they keep sending managment hate, something needs to be done" I panicked, "why are they hating" I asked, "coz they think it was a fixed, we havent confirmed the competition thing, on who won it, so I have a plan, its if one of you boys would do it" "anything" I replied, "ohh, im not sure about this though, put me on loud speaker so you all can here me" he asked, "ok" so I did, "Paul wants to ask us something, Ill explain the rest after" I said to the boys, they nodded

"here goes, you all think Darcy's a lovely girl right" he asked, "yeah" we all screamed, obviously except Darcy, "well at first I was going to say she could pass of as Harry's twin, but all the fans being fans know everything and they know Harry's only got Gemma and one that passed away" he started saying "Paul your getting us nervous just come out with it already" Louis said impatiently, "well, can one of you single guys, Louis, Harry or Liam, act like your her girlfriend for a bit, just until this thing blows over" Paul asked, Louis,Darcy, Harry and me all looked in shock, there was silence "see I told you none of you would do it, now were gunna get hate" Paul huffed, grr I hate when he does this, he always tried to make us feel guilty, and then we all fall for it and agree.

"alright one of us will do it, if its ok with Darcy" I said, Louis and Harry was going to crack anyway, "Darcy will you do it" Paul asked, practically begging her haha, she hesitated for a bit, "please" Paul pleaded, "alright" Darcy caved, "awww thank you boys and Darcy,I owe you Darcy, I dont owe these guys anything, I babysit them" Paul chuckled, Darcy laughed at this, "now whos going to do it" he asked, "well it will be a bit awkward for Harry and her coz they look exactly alike" Niall spoke up, "yes" everyone agreed, "Liam or Louis" Zayn said, there was mmmms and aaaaaas, round the room, Darcy, Louis and me looked at each other nervously, "hold on this will make it a tad easier for one person" Harry spoke up, "Louis your not over Eleanor are you" Harry asked, great ts going to be me, I dont mind though, she had lovely brown shiny curly hair, with beautiful sparkly green eyes that twinkle like crazy, and her skins so warm, snap out of it Liam, I said again, "no" Louis said sadly, "so that only leaves Liam" Harry grinned, I rolled my eyes, "Liam please can you do it" Paul said, "fine" I caved, everyone wooooed and cheered.

Darcy smiled with her lovely little grin, stop Liam, luckily Danielle had a bf, I thought and I smiled back, "so Liam, Darcy, act like a couple, annouce it some how, or go out in public hand in hand, and you need to act like it" Paul said, "yes" Darcy and me said, "what about the competition thing though, what your gunna say" Zayn asked, "we'll say it got cancelled coz to many complaints" Paul said, "brilliant" Louis replied, we said bye and put the phone down, awwwws was coming from the boys, "you already share a bed" Louis stated, "alright" Darcy said as she hit him playfully, he acted as thought she hurt him, "awwwww, Im sorry Louis" Darcy said sarcastically, "ooohhhhh she's already cheating on you" Zayn winked, everyone including me and Darcy laughed, what a morning and it wasnt even 12 o clock yet


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