who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


22. The last day at Harry's house (day 4)

Liam's point of view

at 10 am I felt the airbed move, "Liam, Darcy, get up" I heard say, I groaned, Darcy was still asleep I think, suddenly I felt the bed move, and then someone jumping on it, "H....H.....H.....Harry, s.....t.....o....p....i....t" I slurred as he was bouncing us, "Harry what" Darcy groaned, "were going to my dads today, for the shed, the special place, remember" Harry said, "oh yea, and we still have to pack" Darcy said, "yea, now come on" Harry urged, "Louis' not even up yet" I moaned, "im waking him up now" Harry said, so he did.

when we got Zayn and Niall up to we all started to pack, "your house is really nice Harry" Darcy said, "thanks" Harry said, after about an hour we all had finished packing and we went downstairs, "what time are we going" Zayn asked as we was going down the stairs, "whenever you want" Harry replied, when we got downstairs we was greeted by Anne. "hey everyone, it has really been a pleasue to have you all, all of you are so nice, Liam never let her go" Anne said, "I wont" I replied smiling, Louis winked at me, I sarcastically smiled back."so when you going, im going to miss you all, Gemma will to" Anne said, "we'll miss you to mum" Harry said hugging her "whenh do you guys want to go" he asked, "whenever" I said "5" Harry asked, "yea" we all replied.

for the rest of the time was was just talking and saying whats going to happen, after Harry's dads house we will be getting ready for third album tour (by the way I realised that in one chapter I had said Take me Home Tour instead of third album tour, so Ive now changed it to the third album tour now, sorry for that) its only three months away, since its beng realised tomorrow we start at London to., "how long will you be staying at your dads" Anne asked, "about 2 nights I think and then we'll have to head back to London" Harry replied, "ok dear"

5 o'clock came, we had already booked it for 5 and right on the dot it came, so we all said our goodbyes to Anne and Gemma and we went outside, as soon as we went outside the paps were there, how do they find this out, I decided that Darcy and I do need to be more lovey dovey so I decided to interlock hands with her again, everytime my skin touched hers my heart melted,I looked down as she looked up at me and smiled, "awwwww the lovely couple there" one of the paps said, we smiled, "can you just stop for a bt guys just for some questions, we'll not even shove the cameras in your faces" one of them said, we all looked at each other "ok, what questions" Zayn asked.

"whos single in the band" one of them asked, "me, and Harry" Louis said, "so whos dating who" the paps asked, "Niall is dating Demi, Zayn is dating Perrie and Liam is obviously dating Darcy" Harry spoke up, "when does your third album tour start" they asked, "in three months and the albums out tomorrow" I replied, "do you love Darcy" he asked, my heart beated faster "of course I do, I really do" I said, and to be honest, I meant it, yes, after all this pretending not to, trying to get my mind of it,I cant deny it to myself anymore, I am in love with her. "awwww cute, do you love him Darcy" they asked, "I dont love him" she replieds miling, what, shes going to blow out cover, we all looked at each other, "what, your going out with him though arnt you" they asked, "yes, but you didnt say are you IN love with him" she replied putting emphasis on the 'if', we all relaxed, "awwwww cute I think you are the cutest couple ever, Liam, she's a keeper alright" he said, we laughed, "we'll let you go, have a nice trip" they said and with that we all hopped in the taxi.

"Darcy what that all about" Harry asked, "I figured out, we dont really act like a proper couple, yes weve held hands and kissed twice but thats it, we've never admitted we so called love each other, I thought ide be more dramatic" she laughed to herself, we all laughed with her, "Ide say dramatic I thought you has blown our cover" Niall said, "really" she giggled, "come on, im not going to have my first kiss with someone who I have to pretend is my boyfriend and then in the end blow the cover now am I" she said, we all thought for a minute, she was right, "no I guess not" I said, "well" she said and so we continued our  journey to Manchester. 

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