who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


71. the boys finding out

Liam's point of view

did we really, well you know, and who spiked our drinks, i was only talking to Doug, wait, Doug, no, he wouldn't, would he, but why, I thought as Darcy and I watched pitch perfect,  I shook my head and then felt a head fall onto my shoulder, aww she must be tired and fell asleep, im really starting to worry, why was she being sick all the time, anyway I shook it of and watched the film on my own, i actually liked this film, Toy Story was the best though.

hours after I was just on twitter answering some fans and following, when I heard a groan, "Liam" a faint voice said as the head on my shoulder moved, "yes Darcy" I replied, "oh, im so sorry for falling asleep on you" she said, "its fine" I smiled, she smiled back, just then I heard a knock on the door, "ill get it" I said and I got up and answered the door, "hey Liam" 4 voices spoke up, oh great, now, did i have to explain, now, "yes guys" I smiled, "can we come in" Zayn asked, "sure" I replied, and they all came in Harry sat next to Darcy, Zayn, Niall and Louis sat on the other couch, leaving one space for me, next to Darcy. Louis had told us Hope was in bed, sleeping of her hangover.

"so what happened last night" Harry grinned, I rolled my eyes and sighed, so did Darcy, "what, we're curious, did something happen between you" Louis spoke up, "guys now hold...." I was cut of by Darcy, "they may aswel know, there gunna keep pestering us" Darcy sighed, "fine" I said, "are you two together" Niall asked, "no" Darcy and I said in unison, "awwwww man" they laughed, it made me and Darcy chuckle a little,

"so what happened" Harry urged, I sighed, I looked at Darcy who nodded her head to say go on, tell them, "right, you guys will laugh, but it is fair serious, as you know, Darcy and I was drinking J2o's last night" I started "good stuff, when does the story get interesting" Louis chuckled, "well let me finish" I scalded him, he apologized and I continued, "well I saw my mate Doug and started talking to him, I saw him and talked to him through the night, and as the night progressed I started feeling more and more weary  and im guessing Darcy was the same" I said, she nodded.

"then I couldn't control my body, neither could Darcy, that's when we saw Niall, we went to our room and im guessing that happened, coz we was found nude in the same bed" I sighed, everyone's mouths dropped, my face went red with embarrassment and I couldn't look Darcy in the eye so i didnt know what she was doing, "so you mean, you........well...." Harry said, I nodded slightly, hanging my head low, "are you serious" Zayn asked, I nodded again, "and your still not together" Louis asked, "no" I replied, "come on, you two love each other, you only speak and do the truth when your drunk" Harry winked, I rolled my eyes, "no we dont love each other" Darcy spoke up.

"you've done...that, and then still deny it" Zayn said, "it was a mistake" I replied, "if I would have known that last night when I saw you, i would've stopped it, im so sorry guys" Niall spoke up, "its not your fault, how was you to know, when we didnt know ourselves, we was out of it ourselves" I soothed, Niall smiled, "thanks" he replied, Darcy and I was so scared, "just think of it this way, at least it was a person you know, and like as a friend" Zayn said trying to lighten the mood, "true" Darcy and i said in unison, to be honest, im glad it was her and no one else, I love her, and im just glad I did that with someone I love, I dont think Darcy feels the same though.

"and to the public's eye, you two are going out so if for some reason someone saw you two going in the room drunk and suspect that's what was going on, at least it wasn't someone else, and then the public cant say one of you cheated" Niall added, "that is also true" Darcy smiled, "will it be awkward between you two now" Louis asked, "I hope not" Zayn, Niall and Harry sighed, "no id still love to be friends, and well, boyfriend and girlfriend in the public's eye, if he wants to" Darcy smiled at me, "same" I smiled back, "that's good, phew" Harry said.

 "did you use, well, protection" Harry asked, "ummmmm......I dont know" I replied, "did you find any, well you know" Zayn asked, "no I didnt " Darcy spoke up, we all gasped, I then clicked, I looked toward Darcy, she looked at me worriedly, the boys we're talking when she mimed, 'do you think I could be pregnant, with the sickness this morning' I was mortified, thats what i was afraid of, 'maybe' I said worriedly...............

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