who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


72. scared

Darcy's point of view

no I cant be pregnant, can I, oh no, this has made me scared,  l love Liam, I do, but im not ready to have a child, il never ge4t rid of one, how will Liam react, I mean, we're not even properly together, how will the boys and Hope react, how will the public react, how will my mum and sister react, and how will the fans react, thats the worst of it, death threats will decend, no I cant think like that, I dont know if I am or not, I need Liam, if I am, I hope he will support the child, no, stop thinking like this.

the boys and Liam was talking about us, they were trying to figure out if Liam's friend had spiked our drinks, im so scared, your not safe anywhere, so the boys left, Harry kept winking at me, I know what it was for, he thinks we like each other, and that this will bring us closer, "have fun" he winked, I gave my brother an evil look and he left, "what do you think we should do" Liam asked worriedly, "I dont know" I replied, "isnt it best you do a pregnancy test" he asked, I nodded, tears started to fall, I was so scared, I then felt a warm hand slide under my chin and lift it up.

"Darcy, if you  are pregnant, I will support you all the way, people already think we're going out, so whats the difference, I will be there every step of the way" Liam soothed, i looked into his soft brown chocolate eyes, "really" I smiled, "really" he replied, that was a whole bt of weght of my shoulders, thats one of the things I was more scareed of, loosing Liam, "are you going to do that pregnancy test then" he asked, I nodded, "L Liam, w w will you come with me" I stuttered shyly, "of course" he replied, and so we hopped in his car and he drove to the shop.

we went  in "please can I have a pregnancy test" I said quietly, "of course, you been trying for one" the shopkeeper asked, I looked at Liam, he smiled, "yeah" I replied, avoiding more questions, "awww, well here, and I hope you get the result your looking for" the shopkeeper said handing me the box, I paid and went out and back into Liam's car, I was shaking, "calm down, dont forget, im here, for you" he smiled, i smiled back and it made me relax a little.

so when we got back, I sat down, I hadnt perked up the courage yet to do it, "want a drink" Liam asked, I nodded, and he made a cup of tea for us both, "thanks" I replied as he handed me the tea, "Liam, do you want a child" I asked, "yea, at one point on my life, I may not be fully ready now, but I suppose if you are, if, then I will step up, its just as much my fault a yours" he replied, "awwww, you'll make a great dad Liam" I smiled, "and youll make a great mum" Liam replied, "did you mean it before when you said that you'll be there for the child if i am" I asked, "of course, and for you, you'll need help looking after it and moneywise to" he smiled, i smiled back

he really did make me feel more comfortable about the situation, and yep, he keeps making me fall for him more and m0re everyday, sigh, things are so complicated. "dont you think you better....well you know...do the test" Liam said nervously, scratching his head, I sighed, I grabbed the box and did what I needed to do, a few minutes later I had done it, and came out, "we have to wait 2 hoursuntil the test is complete" I stated to Liam, he nodded and we got back on the couch, siting down, watching the TV.

during this time I got loads of text, Hope's text said  - 'hey besty, how you feeling, I heard someone spiked your drink, Louis wont tell me whats happened, but im sure you'll tell me in your own time, but I just wanted to make sure your feeling better :) xxx' Niall's text - hope you get well soon, heard you had been sick a lot, get well soon :) x'

Harry's text - heyyyy sis, I was so shocked at what you have just told me, but i think it's cute, you just need to tell him your true feelings, and dont deny that you dont love him, coz its totally obvious, I still love you though, and in the future I hope to see a little neice or nephew round to, btw, I kind of told mum, she says she supports you all the way and she's not mad, and she loves you :) x' that was comforting.

Louis' text - ' Darcyyy, I told Hope some of what happened last night, not the major detail, thought it would be better if you told her, anyway, hope you and Liam are ok, and JUST GET TOGETHER ALREADY :D x' and then Zayn's text - 'hope you and Liam are ok, im sure you'll pull through this, it wasnt your fault, just remember everything happens for a reason *cogh* you two need to get together *cough* :P x' I laughed, i showed Liam all of them, he laughed to.

"what shall we do now" Liam asked, I shurgged, "want to get something to eat" I asked, "sure, come on, how about macdonalds" he asked, "yeah please" I said excitedly, he chuckled and we went to his car, Liam drove to macdolalds, ordered what we wanted and got back to our hotel room, "film" he asked, "yeah, what film" I asked, "you pick" he smiled, "Toy Story" I replied, "your just picking that coz you know i love it" Liam chuckled,

"im not, I love it to" I replied, he smiled, "ok, Toy Story it is then" he giggled and he got the film out and we started to watch it, half way through the film my eyes drooped, and felt myself falling asleep, I then felt something, as soon as I hit it, my eyes drooped of into a dream world, I felt an arm wrap around me, it was so comfortable and so I fell into a deep sleep.

2 hours later, "its time Darcy" Liam nudged me, I groaned, but couldnt seem to wake myself up, "Darcy" he whispered in my ear, it sent shivers down my spine, it was so warm, but i still couldnt wake up, "Darcy" he said talking this time, I groaned again, "Darcy" he yelled it made me jump, "sorry" he chuckled, "its fine" i chuckled, "its time" he said

I sighed and slowly walked upto the text and looked at it...........

so guys what do you think will be the result, what do YOU WANT the results to be :)

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