who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


94. reflecting

Darcy's point of view

so, for the next week or so I had to help Liam with practically everything, going to the toilet, making him some food and drink, and more, he didnt  like it, but I didnt mind, coz thats what friends do, Liam didnt like putting himself on me, but I told him it was fine, so in the end he excepted it, and to be honest, we had gotten close again, when him and Danielle we're going out, he started going distant with me, but now, we're as close as we we're before, which is good and he is now starting to get better, he could now walk everywhere and do the thing he used to do, but I told him not to put to much pressure on himself. today he was going back to work for the first time in 2 weeks.

I woke up around 9 am, Liam only had to be in work for 1pm so I knew I didn't have to wakee him, or even hurry up for anything, so I lied in bed a bit more, Liam was the laid silent next to me, sleeping, I could here his soft breathing, soothing me. I looked up at the ceiling (roof) and started to reflect, reflect on everything that's happened, how these boys have changed my life, in agood way though, from Connie and Martin leaving me and telling me that they weren't my real parents, to now.

and everything in between, getting the One Direction tickets for my birthday. Hope sleeping mine and the radio came on in the middle of the night, somehow, and announced that competition, then arriving in Manchester and seeing One Direction, meeting and greeting fans, then when we got spotted, all the other boys saying that I looked like Harry, and Hope agreeing, then going in the concert, Liam serenaded me by singing Summer Love to me, then Hope having to go, then getting snowed in Manchester, finding that note from the competition, meeting them again and getting to know them.

soon fans found out about the competition, and in order to keep their promise to me, I had to pretend to be Liam's girlfriend, visiting Harry's house, then the hate started, I threatened to leave twice, and I did leave once, with the glass incident, but a fan opened my eyes, and the others persuaded me to pretend again, finding out Harry is my twin, never mind brother, twin, wow, I finally met my real mum and sister, I had my first hug with Liam, first kiss with Liam, first boy who made me feel like this, I dealt with heatache, the pain, the laughs, Liam's and mines J2O go spiked (and im drinking a J2o right now, just though i'd tell you this pointless information, hehe), and had my first time with Liam, basically, my first everything with Liam, I really do love him, wow, then Danielle came into Liam's life again with Jodie.

she was beaten up, before I saved her, then her and Liam went out for a bit, she was hurting Liam, and scaring her own daughter, she hurt him that much he ended up in hospital, she hurt me to for protecting him, then Liam ended up in hospital, we were all worried, then he woke up,but I had to help him to do everything, and now he's fine, and in between all this Liam and I have had to deal with the boys smug remarks about how we like each other, and to think, all this happened because of One Direction tickets, and a note, wow.

"morning Darcy" Liam croaked interupting my thoughts, I turned to him and saw him smiling, he was shirtless as perusual, my jaw tensed, "morning Liam" I smiled back, "what was up with you then, it looked like you was in your own little world then" he chuckled, I giggled a little, "oh, I was just reflecting" I replied, "reflecting on what" he asked confused, "about everything that's gone on" I smiled, "you mean with Danielle" he asked lowering his head, I took my hand out the covers and lifted his head up, "about everyting" I stated, "everything" he repeated.

"yeah, from when we all met outside the MEN arena after me and Hope had just arrived, to now" I smiled, "yeah, we've been through a lot haven't we" he chuckled, "yeah, a lot" I replied, we laid back and sighed at the same time, we looked at each other and burst out laughing, "what time is it" Liam asked, "9:30 am" I replied, "oh, at least I don't have to be at work for another 3 and a half hours" he stated, "yep" I sighed, "Darcy" he said.

"yeah" I replied, "do you regret anything we've been through" he asked, "what" I asked confused, "I mean, like, if you could change anything, or take back anything, would you" he asked, "only the bits we're you get hurt, otherwise, no, not at all" I smiled, which was true, I would not take back anything for the world, except when Liam got hurt, "really" he jumped up, "yeah, course" I replied looking up at him as his shirtless body hovered over me. "would you" I asked, "no, not at all, just the parts where you got hurt" he smiled.

"now dont go saying that just coz i said it" I laughed gently nudging him in the arm, "no, im being serious, I would only choose to take back the bits where you got hurt" he smiled looking down at me, "seriously" I asked giving him a weird look, "yeah" he replied, "awww Li" I smiled, he looked at me weird, oh, i've just called him Li, what the heck is hapening to me, and what the heck does this guy do to me. "Li" he gave me a questioning look. "sorry, it just slipped out, I always give friends nicknames, it just...." he said cutting me off, "no, I like it" he grinned.

"really" I asked him, "yeah" he winked, "oh right" i laughed, silence for a bit as Liam and I just stared into each other eyes for the third time, what the heck is going on, but some force was saying just to keep looking into his eyes, he was still hovering over me, he then decided to start tickling me, making us snap out of the staring and making me laugh, "Liam stop it" I screamed, my legs kept kicking me, making his hands weak from keeping him from falling on me, suddenly I moved my hand, but knocked his, and he ended up colapsing on me.

his bare body on top of my body, I was in PJ's though, luckily, his body against mine, his full weight on me, which wasnt heavy at all, he looked awkwardly at me, but i just bursted out laughing, which made him laugh, we both was lied in that position as we laughed, it was awkward, good and fun all in one, then, "Liam, Darcy, you up" a husky voice called, "oh no, its Haz" Liam stated, we laughed and he got up off me, he threw a t shirt on and put some jeans on, "ill meet you downstairs once your dressed" he winked, I laughed and he went down.

im so sorry for not updating in 2 days, as I told you before my laptop went hay wire, and unfortunatly it couldn't be fixed, apparently the charger i was using gradually burned some of the motherboard (basically the main part of the laptop) so I had to get another one and it only arrived today, so yea, im really sorry, i hope you all forgive me, will be updating more now, I hope :) thank you for reading this and thank you for being so patient  and I hope this chapter makes up for it :)

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