who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


84. :O

Darcy's point of view

"you can do with her if you want" I said, it hurt me to say it, but I couldn't tie him down any longer, he obviously wants to go with her, suddenly there was a knock on the door, "ill get it" I sighed, "hello" I smiled, putting on a brave face, "are you interested in a car" great, a sales person, we always get them, "no, sorry" I said and shut the door, "who was it" Zayn asked, "a sales person" I sighed, they all laughed, "im hungry" Niall moaned, "ill go get us nandos" Liam spoke up, we nodded, "you all want usual" Liam asked, we all nodded, and so he left.

"what was that all about" Louis asked, "what was all what about" I asked Louis, "you, telling Liam he can go with Danielle" Louis replied, "so, he can" I replied, "but you or him wouldn't want him to" Niall added, "I cant control who he goes out with" I replied, "and you also cant control how you feel" Louis added, "and whats that supposed to mean" I asked, "well, we all know you both love each other your both so shy to admit it, afraid of what the other is thinking and what they are going to say, just admit it" Zayn said. "no, I don't like him" I replied, "you do, your just shy, just tell us" harry said, "no" I replied, "cmon Darcy" Niall said sternly, "no" I yelled, "see, your getting all defensive over it, just flipping admit it, cmon Darcy" Louis said, "please" Harry begged, I rolled my eyes.

"fine" I yelled, they all gasped, "you mean you actually do like him" Harry asked, "yeah, you we're all correct, happy now" I said, placing myself on the couch, "go get him" Zayn said, "he's gone nandos" I replied, "well go after him" Louis urged, I looked at him, "go get him" he repeated, I stood, up, I stopped at the front door looking back, "go" Harry urged, "go" Zayn, Louis and Niall repeated.

and so I ran out the house, I ran across the street, I ran across the field, into the town centre, dodging people along the way, I ran and ran, and finally I got to the corner of where nandos is, so I stopped running and walked,  I breathed in, this was it, I was going to tell him that i loved him, I walked around the corner all smiling and everything, I look towards nandos, looking for him, I looked down an alley, only to have my smile wiped off, I saw Danielle and Liam.....kissing, this shattered my heart, I was too late, tears started to form, so I ran back where I came from, trying to wipe the tears away as i ran back home.

when i arrived home, Harry was behind the door, "oww" he screeched as the door hit his shoulder, i ignored it and ran to my room, "Darcy" Harry yelled, "vas appening" I heard Zayn ask, "I don't know, Darcy's just come in, it looked like she'd been crying to" i heard Harry reply, "you don't think Liam and... well you know" I heard Niall ask, yes he has Niall, "no, would he" Louis asked, "no, he loves her" Zayn said, "we don't really know though" Niall said worriedly, "but its obvious" Louis replied.

"Darcy" Harry yelled, "what" I sobbed, and so I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, great, I wiped my tears away quick, it didn't do any good though coz my face was still red, "whats happened" Harry said soothing me, "nothing" I replied, "obviously not" he said, "im your brother, you can tell me" he said wrapping his arms around me, which made the tears start falling again, I buried my head in his chest, "hey,hey, hey whats up" he asked, "I I I ran to N N Nandos, A A And S S Saw L L Liam A A And D D D Danielle K K K K K Kis s s s sing" I sobbed.

"what" he said in disbelief, " you heard right" I replied, "Liam and Danielle, kissing, no, that cant be" Harry said shocked, "well my eyes dont lie Harry" I snapped, "hey, dont use that tone with me" he said, "sorry Harry" I apologised, "its fine" he replied, and pulled me in for another hug as i cried in his arms, suddenly we heard the door, Liam, I pulled away from Harry's chest, "ill go sort this" Harry said, "no, don't tell him I like him" I replied, "no, I am, coz he may not've meant the kiss" Harry said, 2sure Harry" I sobbed, "fine, I won't unless he didn't mean the kiss" he replied, and i nodded as he went downstairs......

ooooooo whats going to happen next eh? what do you want to happen :)

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