who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


77. night time going into morning

Liam's point of view

I cant believe Darcy and i almost kissed, I was shocked, no, she don't like me, it was me, I did move closer, she didn't move though, but we wasn't close enough for her to move, yeah that's it, and wow, if the others didn't knock I probably would've kissed her, and that would've been my first proper kiss with her, but she still wouldn't have meant it, "Liam, mate, are you ok" I heard a voice say, I looked around and everyone was looking at me, "im fine thanks Niall, just a little tired that's all" I lied, "ok, anyway what do you want to do" Zayn asked, "ummm...." we all thought.

"what about watching a film, its still only 10pm" Niall suggested, "yeahhhhh" we all screamed, "what film though" Louis asked, "what about one we all like, umm....." Zayn said, "like what" I asked, "uhhh..... we all like the notebook don't we" Harry asked, "yeah" we all replied, m"we could watch that if you wanted" he asked, "yeahhh" we replied, normally id say no and watch toy story, but im in a soppy mood so yeah, everyone climbed on Darcy and mines bed, Harry was at the end, Niall was next to him, Louis next to him, Darcy next to him, me next to Darcy and Zayn next to me. we put it on and started watching it.

during the film I heard Niall and Harry whisper, I looked at them and they stopped, and gave me a smile, "what are you whispering about" I asked, "the film" Harry said immediately,obviously they weren't, I shrugged it off and went back to watching the film, I heard the whispering start again, I heard the words "how cute" "Darcy" "and Liam" "I hope" "end up like Noah and Ally" "they do" "love and care about each other" "admit it" I sighed, I hope Darcy cant here them, its awkward, because of the kiss, and worst of all, its true, I do love her, im just to scared to admit it, im scared if our friendship floats away.

suddenly I felt something hit my shoulders, I looked down and saw Darcy's head on my shoulder, "awwww" the boys said in unison, "oh shut up" I replied, they laughed as we continued watching the film, when the film ended, Niall switched the light on and turned the TV off, "so what now, im not tired" he sighed, "and Liam cant go to sleep, even if he wanted to, unless he waked wakes her up, "no,  aint waking her up" I replied, "so he cant go to sleep, so what can we do" Zayn asked, "we could have a guy chat, Darcy's asleep, so she'll not know" Louis spoke up, we nodded and agreed

Darcy's point of view

I must've fell asleep, when i woke up, I heard talking, and I was leaning on something, I then realized it was Liam's shoulder, it was so comfy, i couldn't be bothered moving, I realized they was talking, I know I shouldn't but I decided to listen anyway, so I shut my eyes, pretending to be still asleep, coz luckily none of them saw i was awake, i wanted to see what boys talk about, I know girls talk, make up, boys and clothes, but i wanted to know what boys talk about and compare, i could also tell Hope when she returns.

"so, Niall's got Demi, I have Hope, Harry has the girl who we've not seen yet, Zayn has Perrie, and then there's Liam, in a fake relationship, all because he cant admit his feelings for Darcy" Louis stated, "I don't have any feelings for Darcy" Liam replied, my head moving up and down as he walked, which was quite fun, "Liam you do, just admit it" Niall said, "no, I do not have feelings, and if I did, which i don't, it wont work anyway, she wont like me, and plus, we're to friendly, shes my best girl whose my friend, I will be scared of loosing the friendship, but I don't like her, so there's nothing to worry about" he replied, that's cute, the way he said the last bit awwww, that's why i love him.

"Liam we know you like her, and the friendship thing will work, if you really do have strong feelings for her, you can be in a relationship and still be friends, that's what its like with me and Demi" Niall spoke up, "I don't like her, and what if we fall out, have an argument, then what, it would be awkward for you, and awkward for us, nothings going to happen between us, she don't like me, and i don't like her, so drop it" Liam said, he seemed to be getting a little annoyed, but he was still being nice to them.

"Liam, you like her, we know it, Darcy likes you, and we know it, I can feel that she does like you, she may even love you, shes my sis, and I know I've only known for a while but I feel it, and because we're twins, it makes the feeling stronger and we've known you for over 4 years, and we know when you love someone, so yea, you love her, only thing is, you two don't " Harry said "woow Harry, you couldn't have pout it better even if you tried" Louis said

I take it he was patting his shoulder coz I could hear it. "well said mate" Zayn said to Harry, "thank you guys" Harry said proudly, I started to get tired again I started to go into a sleep, the last thing I heard was, "fine I........" and drifted off to sleep. damn my eyes. i really wanted to know what he said, but my eyes couldn't take it any longer. i fell back asleep.

sorry its late, was doing homework, at least i updated now :)

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