who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


82. newspapers

Darcy's point of view

so for the past few weeks we've been seeing Danielle and Jodie everywhere, we didn't mind, we liked them, we also learned that Jodie's dad, Danielle's ex boyfriend, was always beating her up, that's why Jodie was crying a while ago, she saw Danielle get hurt, and he did it when Jodie weren't there, he was a woman beater, said that he was nice at first, when she cheated on Liam with him, and she said that he was nice for the first year, until Jodie was born, then he started getting violent, and has been hitting and beating her up ever since.

"im going to the shop" I yelled to the boys, they were stopping at mine,  very so often we'd have sleepovers at each others houses, last week we all slept and Louis' this week its mine, next weeks it's Harry's "ok, be careful" Harry warned,  "I will don't worry, by guys" I yelled, "bye" they yelled back, Harry worried about me, being mobbed by fans about Liam, and especially after that other incident last time, they said they didn't  want me me to do that again, and so they all worried, but especially Harry coz he's my brother, mum came round to visit every so often and the boys are now in the middle of creating their fourth album.

and so I made my way to the shops, I made my way to the newspaper section, i always liked reading the paper, so was looking for the Sun,  and then, a headline and a picture caught my eye, the headline read, 'Danielle and Liam back together?' and the picture was of the boys and me, and Liam and Danielle walking beside each other smiling, my heart sank, I know it aint true, but the thought of it killed me, I looked at other papers, there were headlines everywhere, 'Liam and Danielle close again?' and ' are Liam and Danielle are starting all over again' sigh, I wish  the press would get things right, sigh. I grabbed some sweets for the guys, Hope was visiting her grandad who was sick again, and then I paid and went back home.

I did get mobbed by a few fans "are Liam and Danielle going out again" one fan asked, "im still with him, so unless he's cheating, no" I smiled, "oh ok, good good" she smiled back, she asked for a photo, so I did, "do you like Danielle" another piped up as I was walking, "yeah, she's nice" I replied, "do you not mind her and Liam talking" another asked, "no I don't mind and anyway I cant control who he speaks to, he's his own person" I smiled, "awww your really nice and understanding" she said, "awwww thanks you all so polite, some of you directioners, are so lovely" I said, "awwwww" they all chorused, "ill make sure the boys know" I smiled, they all said thanks, I said bye, the said bye back and I went in the house.

"you ok then" Harry asked, "yeah" I replied, "any fans mob you" Liam piped up, "not really, fans came up to me, they was really nice, but they also asked me questions" I said, "like what" Liam asked, "like this" I said showing him the paper, "ohhhh" he said awkwardly, "and so what did you say" Zayn asked, "I said im still with him, so unless he's cheating, no, and they also asked do I not mind you talking to Danielle, and i replied, no I don't mind and anyway I cant control who he speaks to, he's his own person, so yeah" I smiled, "awwww" they boys said, "and its not like we're really going out anyway" I said, "I know yeah, so you can secretly go out with whoever, and so can i, not that I am going to but, you know" Liam chuckled, i laughed with him.

and so the day went by, and well, we all decided to go for a walk, so we got our stuff ready, fans mobbed the boys, they stopped for a while and took photos and signed autographs, and talked, "so, you and Darcy are still going out" a fan asked Liam, he smiled at me, "yeah we are" he replied, "we've not seen you together for ages" a fan complained, we're together now" he replied, "no we meant like kissing, or even hugging" the fan spoke up, we giggled, "will this make you happy" Liam said, coming closer to me, he looked down at me, I looked back into his chocolate, shining eyes, put his arms on my waist, he moved closer, and placed him soft wet lips on mine, sparks went flying, my stomach turned, its been ages since we kissed.

"awwwwwwwwwwwww" everyone including the boys said, people took photos, we parted and we looked each other in the eyes, I wish we could stay like this, I could do it all day, and i also wish he knew it was real, he kissed my nose and entwined our hands, "awwwwww" they all echoed again, this time, more fans joining the big group, "please never break up" one asked, we all laughed, "it made us very happy" the fan said, "that's good" Liam chuckled, "awwwwww" they said again, "they are still going out, that's great" another fan spoke up. and so we said bye to them and went for a walk, "awww that was cute" Harry smirked.

"drop it" I said, playfully hitting him, Harry pulled me in for a hug, "hey sis" Harry said, "yea" I replied, "I love you sis" he smiled, "i love you to bro" I chuckled, we've known for nearly a year now, and the family is so close, I've even got close to Gemma and our family, so we walked for a while, we walked, we saw two familiar figures, and yet again, it was Danielle and Jodie, im actually starting to get a little annoyed, I know their not, but it seems like their following us, are they?......

im sorry for not updating yesterday, I was so tired, I was asleep for most of the day, Saturday night was amazing, I wore myself out getting excited, then in the arena jumping around, I also got up at 8 am, and only went bed at 2 am, so that's why i was so tired, im sorry for that, please forgive me and enjoy this chapter :)

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